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By David Artler 14 Jun 2016

A .Sandoval.co.UK property investment scam. does aspen wolf among others ring a belabor hardly a change from pupil pod store pod and other property investment chance c.r.a.p.BR BR yes same old web design and graphic fingerprints from older commodity investment scam websites.

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    By Peter Cottone 06 May 2016

    i have missed calls from them this week. they keep calling on my VIP phone on which i used to get so many telemarketers that i have it go to message bank sec after a call comes within. i just use it to call outside and i told individuals who understand me to never call me on that line. for months i have had that number showing within my logs. bloody annoying to be polite. never had a message left.


    By lmybarra worldnet.att.net Cristina 08 Jul 2016

    this is someone calling from a different department of haring council amp if I am right it's someone from the housing options team they really help individuals who have been waiting for permanent home for quite some time to rent inside the private sector etc


    By Deborah Tittle 18 May 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this number.


    By Dawn Propst 30 Jun 2016

    Ni shape..


    By Kelly Corbett 03 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. no message left.


    By Lois lorine Continho 02 May 2016

    need to know


    By Dave Di gioia 08 Apr 2016

    recorded message around poi promise for more info to be removed cl id info BR cl id truncated by amount so wrong logged here for reference and the hunt engines.


    By michelle stromer 13 Jul 2016

    i received a call from this number at my work place and it was a female express that sounded as if she was of Indian descent. she said she was with cot updating it files. she would not give me the company name and talked around me. i asked if she was soliciting something and she said no. again she began talking over me when i prompted to find outside what business she was calling from so i hung upwards stating i would not entertain these types of telephone calls as i have no ability to create decisions in the business. i believe this call was either a phishing attempt scam or solicitation.


    By Nick Nugget 01 May 2016

    no express message


    By Teosha Robinson 24 May 2016

    hollow members i am very quite joyful .to here or to read my Sims that i have wined from my telephone NR i will quite happy .could it be true if it is accurate OK let me know more about the dialog pleas my e.mail apologias gm ail.com

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