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By David Artler 14 Jun 2016

A .Sandoval.co.UK property investment scam. does aspen wolf among others ring a belabor hardly a change from pupil pod store pod and other property investment chance c.r.a.p.BR BR yes same old web design and graphic fingerprints from older commodity investment scam websites.

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    By Daniel Bremberger 10 Mar 2016

    calls since may . compare and save apparently. filtered outside by BTU call guardian phone but shows in caller logs. harrier meant..


    By Rachel Capshaw 27 Apr 2016



    By Grace Niekra 30 Jun 2016

    i received a call from this number but just got the missed call as i was active i attempted to ring back as i believed it was among my friends it said call rejected twice so i text the number saying who is this... still no response I am guessing now from reading this it was a company or something calling I am definitely going to be more wary of who rings me from now on and if i know the number plus my dad told me of a scam when they ring you and get you to ring back they manage to bargain your amount and if your on contract you get sent the bill from all their calling and messaging.


    By Erin Shifflett 23 May 2016

    keeps call g a ski g for my girlfriend. when i say she not accessible they hang upward. happened times now. either Asian guy or girl. never English speaker. looks really dodgy. prevent answering


    By Nancy Rookard 29 Feb 2016

    it is the RCA. I've busted down and I am waiting on someone to come and help. its the call centre to say someone is on their manner.


    By David Lomabrdo 04 Jun 2016

    enter the number inside the a .snoot.com hunt.Phipps to get a acreage line.


    By Kelly Pass 10 Feb 2016

    really upsetting and personal towards me felt violated


    By Hope Juergens 09 Apr 2016

    I've just searched online at my phone bill and located that there are numbers on it that are connected to sky active which i hasten to add have not dialed as my telephone line was not even connected to the box at the time. i phoned sky and was told that i was lying and i must have dialed those numbers which i understand I have not nor has my associate of class sky is a helpful as ever and said that even though it may have been a mistake that we still have to pay for the calls. its a rip away as there are no warnings as to how much the calls price and its all on the red button. if you are told that they will reimburse the price then that's another lie as they will go through the actions but will consistently reject it


    By Ernest Plaster 29 Jun 2016

    call from a woman purporting to call from global venture japan. really poor line but asking about Mapplethorpe shares that i no longer own. i consistently get calls about these shares. she gave up when i told her i didn't own any shares.


    By Carole Viola 29 Apr 2016

    named at am

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