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By Sherry Keck 12 Jun 2016

It keeps calling but i dint understand the number so discount it BR i think if its significant they will leave a message but they never do

By Julie Porterhill 04 Apr 2016

Ho la

By Vijy Bachu 24 Jan 2016

Odd amount as it seems a digit short. any ideas

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    By Mindy Tangeman 04 Jun 2016

    Assam..Walloon post Ni ASL Hun leaps...Twp NJ cite skit .. merman auk aide Tongan lad credit minim labia ..auk began ink byre...auk MGM NJ byre...Twp pelican Masai..auk MGM NJ bu at loan..auk MGM Th us aha bu at loan..Twp Aron Kohl auk ..clap pun ya Laud...DOA clap nark clap Nan Peshawar bu kit Amman tau NJ clap Nan Guam..auk Duncan Turpin ping auk clap jell mania mania jell...pasty DOA bag amount tarpon Guam ape TA..auk x slain plank amount Tu...so laps DOA tarpon Tu ...auk Gk post Ni...merman deb collector ...sail


    By Stacy Rosner 25 Jun 2016

    called my cell telephone and hung upwards when i answered.


    By Alyssa Dartsch 08 Jun 2016

    they called my cellular telephone telephone.


    By Nyren Ricacho 08 Apr 2016

    he calls me and disturbs me really much


    By Thomas Keehl 09 Jul 2016

    named my cell.


    By Elisa Samolyk 26 Jan 2016

    an invitation


    By Bundala Limbu 01 Jul 2016

    no messages


    By Bob Romans 24 May 2016

    called me on my cellular telephone number. did not leave a message.


    By KENNY SALAWE 15 May 2016



    By Lisa M keal 05 Jul 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.

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