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By Sherry Keck 12 Jun 2016

It keeps calling but i dint understand the number so discount it BR i think if its significant they will leave a message but they never do

By Julie Porterhill 04 Apr 2016

Ho la

By Vijy Bachu 24 Jan 2016

Odd amount as it seems a digit short. any ideas

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    By Jennifer Bringaze 01 Feb 2016

    hi i only received a call from the same number as you guys. he actually insisted that my computer was within risk and that he was sending many blunder messages.BR BR i said okay but my computer works absolutely and i do not have any mistake messages so how might it be potential he kept insisting that my computer was sending him report about failure and that i needed to go to my computer asap.BR i replied Acceptable listen my computer is excellent. i will hung upward now bye.BR BR did not received any other call since.


    By Juliza Ware 13 Jun 2016

    eventually replied Brighton based persistent caller . a young lady told me that my region has a high number of unwanted calls and their government backed scheme would place a stop to overseas call centre based cold calling for . per week. thanked her and told her i was on taps and she terminated the call.BR BR bit ironic getting cold caller offering to quit chilly calls


    By Joanne Amezquita 07 Jun 2016

    named me at .pm. the call went to my answering machine but there was no message.


    By Billy Bogart 27 Jun 2016

    advice this number


    By Shakera Jackson 16 Mar 2016

    just received phone call


    By Anita Mcfeley 20 May 2016

    named on my mobile hung upwards when went to express mail would no suitable message left


    By Angela Ables 19 Feb 2016

    simply received Ti's call from a number unknown to me really few individuals have my number


    By April Mcfall 06 Jun 2016

    this amount is calling my house.


    By Vannin Yin 15 Jan 2016

    unknown caller


    By Bill Perry 05 Jun 2016

    calls are actually becoming on my nerves no one is ever there

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