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By Sherry Keck 12 Jun 2016

It keeps calling but i dint understand the number so discount it BR i think if its significant they will leave a message but they never do

By Julie Porterhill 04 Apr 2016

Ho la

By Vijy Bachu 24 Jan 2016

Odd amount as it seems a digit short. any ideas

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    By Travanti Beene 16 Jun 2016

    calls inside two days. static on the line.


    By Nacorby Culver 13 Jun 2016

    why are u calling me


    By Jeremy Chickoree 22 Feb 2016

    scam. dint open a link. already reported to authorities.


    By Lenny Mckinnon 24 Feb 2016

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    By Doris Hug 26 Jun 2016

    received a telephone call. no message left.


    By Michele Snider 10 Feb 2016

    this is merely a chilly call by trans ax. they have no legitimate reason to know my number so the call is a scam and should be dealt with by of com as such


    By LESLEY MCLAUGHLIN 25 Feb 2016

    left no message on machine.


    By Yelitza Acosta 30 Jun 2016

    anyone know who this is caller id says dist of Columbia.


    By Migdalia Sanchez 22 Jan 2016

    it's sets department


    By Travis Hendricks 01 Feb 2016

    no BR its not the BBB dumb ass. the caller says its the BBB and wants you to call them back on and support your info. its actually a clever scam to get individuals to give away their advice duh.

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