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By Anita Keson 15 Jun 2016

Telephone call

By Norman Charette 31 Jan 2016

I decided to answer this call caller id said convergent..they were looking for my husband said he purportedly has an over drafted account with wells Fargo from ...brouhaha..he never had an account with F and didn't even live in this state back afterward...

By Chris Midgett 17 Jan 2016

Public service electric and petrol responding to a service request that i made weeks ago affecting a problem with a phone pole. express email said they would fix.

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    By Kim Colopy 10 Feb 2016

    Bacall from heather about credit card. i blocked


    By Rosaria Randazzo 02 Jun 2016

    dint understand numbed


    By Linda Sautter 21 Jun 2016

    appears as a missed call on my phone at work.


    By garywaynequance quance 14 Feb 2016

    repeated calls from this amount asking if we have received our pounds energy voucher and we've repeatedly asked them not to call us. last call my wife again inquired them not to call and was told they wouldn't . the girl then phoned direct back spouting maltreatment at my wife using sexual profanity. then received another call direct after that where no one spoke but could hear call centre action then another call Min's later with no one speaking at all


    By Brian Nunes 17 Jan 2016

    this number keeps calling.


    By Vesela Georgieva 04 Jul 2016

    the law is clef no company of any kind could call you at am... not before Zn lawfully. gonna report fem. the idiots named while sleeping taking care ox quite ill family member until am....


    By Maritza Yarbrough 17 May 2016

    called me subsequently hung up. whats the point


    By NICOLE COLLINS 18 Jun 2016

    great dauber BR I am Mrs. Christian Alvin a German citizen though you dint understand me. my colleague sometime within the past solicited for Yoruba partnership inside a transaction in regard to getting some funds transferred to your account but you opted outside due to reasons bestir understood to you which left the transaction pending subsequently.BR BR well he later solicited for my partnership and support on the same transaction though he informed me about your effort tor help him. we therefore agreed to compensate you after a successful transport.BR BR i am really happy to tell you about our success inside becoming the funds transferred under my co functioning. we left London UK forbore Paris France to have our fun and share the happiness of the successful trade. heehaw dint you ever think that we forgot yob no we didn't forget your past efforts and zeal to help at that time. personally i adore being transparent.BR BR anyway as agreed to compensate you to show our gratitude we bought some gifts which include gold jewelries iPad and laptops for you. we attempted to call you on the phone but to no avail. we are flying to china tomorrow for investments and will just Hasbro access to email. due to time constraints we had no other choice than to leave the things with excel global courier serviceable business to convey the things to you pending your address reconfirmation.BR BR indoors the laptops bags you will see each that's laptops making it USDA. i hid them inside the laptops bags so that nobody will see it. education has been given the excel international courier service to deliver the items to you as shortly abbr you reconfirm your receiving details to them. i will be quite busy with travel arrangement flying to china enjoy i told you so BR will just have access to email. consequently i believed it shrewd to furnish you with excel international courier service contact details abbr once so as to empower you contact them when you are capable to read this mail.BR BR below are their contact details.... now e email them instantaneously and inquire about item code pending delivery by me.BR BR business name excel international courier serviceable contact agent home deliverable email .comber BR thank you really considerably for your zeal to help then. let favorable love continue I am off....take care and god bless.BR so feel free to get inside touch with them. pals pray for our safe excursion. please note that the courier business dint know anything around the hiding cash in the laptops dint ever disclose it to them.


    By Diane Bagot 17 Jan 2016

    searched this up on the internet. number is registered with a Mr tall allayed who is given as a clinical research officer at the joint centre for cancer studies hull York medical school. i named the school and they said that he did not call me. can phone numbers be hijacked and used by others BR a .hums.ac. ...


    By Michael Detzel 04 Apr 2016

    man by the name James nurture calls and say i being sued for a cash loan i never took out. this is a lot of b.s..

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