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By sara 03 Apr 2017

There were random monthly "CFK*PF Rewards" charges to my account two months in a row. The bank had this number linked. It only rings and it has an abnormal ring pattern. Not a real number.

By Julio Torres lebron 16 Mar 2016

Called me dint understand who it is

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    By Linda Scherf 27 May 2016

    quire saber Aquino pertinence Ester numeric


    By Carrie Vandivor 08 Jul 2016



    By KARA GLENN 25 Jun 2016

    had a call from about hour after talking to my bank didn't answer it as i dint answer number i dint know there was a message left on voice mail it was an automated survey which by the way i didn't reply as i deleted the message after ably seconds. would have been fine if the bank had warned me that there would be a call


    By Mason Brommer 12 Jul 2016

    just hangs up


    By I Furlong 01 Jun 2016

    i too signed up with a group on offer with my space learning just to locate that the courses they offer are not worth the paper they are written on. i completed the course really poor and started to attend interviews for teaching assistant positions just to find that the course was worthless and stood for nothing. my decision was this business and its courses don't give people what they need to work as a teaching helper. really annoyed and disappointed BR BR i would not advocate this company to anyone as the courses give you no help what so ever.


    By Delisa Harris 28 May 2016

    number on my telephone whilst outside. no message and as the number has far more characters than one would anticipate propose do not reply.


    By Adrian Contreras 08 Mar 2016

    whatever are you on about. the amount belongs to the university of Manchester. is your brain haunted


    By Ebony Bass 31 Mar 2016

    your post says that minutes have passed since the see inside minutes should have happened. would let us know the result please.


    By Martin l Byrd 26 Apr 2016

    i want to know this amount to who


    By Pauline Fayall 03 Apr 2016

    i will additionally affirm this is john Lewis. i left my details with them inside the local store and they were calling me back to say the item i needed is now within stock.

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