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By Marcus Packwood 18 Apr 2016

Does anyone understand who calls from this phone number.

By Tokuo Hori 27 Mar 2016

Repeated calls

By Aleksander Manowski 27 Mar 2016

Who are u exactly why did u call me

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    By Virginia Franko 11 Apr 2016

    got a phone call from this number. no express message left.


    By Debra Kiesner 27 Apr 2016

    i have always been called by these people and on the occasions i have answered they have desired me to go through info protection in order to get further advice about a promise they re dealing with for me. i have told them that i dint have any claims going through at the instant and that I'm not willing to give out any of my personal details to a company i understand nothing about. they dint take no for an reply and according to the man that's only rung me i will keep getting these calls until i am prepared to go through information protection. they're a pain inside the back side and the sooner they get stopped the better


    By Danielle Coffman 26 Mar 2016

    this amount has named numerous times i never reply it as i have no clue who owns this amount the amount below is on caller Dobro BR BR BR will anyone clarify this number to me if so who what were is the call generated from


    By Elizabeth Rearick 10 Jun 2016

    keeps calling and goes off before answering


    By Stacy Goergen 02 Mar 2016

    i understand this is a bogus call because caller had a hefty emphasis and i heard a recording inside the history saying hang upwards and try the call again. i didn't hassle to give any information or ask exactly why he was calling. i merely hung up and he didn't call back. do not give any info or converse with this number its a sham


    By Tamy Liles 18 Feb 2016

    received a call on acreage line.


    By Truvoris Fair 06 Apr 2016

    called me today some accident assert line Dee dint they check the records before calling


    By Jennifer Mallare 23 Apr 2016

    is Nebr SE bill At hi jab cal Karin to Blanca Khayyam kart hi ye ch or hi haiku hi


    By annette lowe 19 May 2016

    sent them my customary courteous message got no reply suppose they are time wasters as they wouldn't identify themselves


    By Frank Derouin 06 Jul 2016

    i dint know who these folks are. i dint owe them anything

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