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By Loretta Agee 08 Jul 2016

They call everyday.no response.no message.stop calling.

By Lynne Mccartney 25 Mar 2016


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    By SARA MURPHREE 03 May 2016

    keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


    By Troy Dorsey 05 Apr 2016

    male caller foreign emphasis claiming to be with poi reclaims management. said i could reclaim but was unable to tell me which loan from which bank or when the loan was taken out. poi reclaims direction has no website or internet presence. he said he was calling from Newcastle but cold not tell me what the weather was enjoy inside Newcastle. an ideal excuse to call him a see you next Tuesday which i did with glee until he rang off. fraudulent phishing call.


    By Jimmice Lewis 09 Mar 2016

    if u have a printer subsequently have it switch after phone rings it will go to CV fax... it's cut my calls from those nuts to nearly nothing... this has helped us greatly.... Gog luck


    By David Kaufman 15 May 2016

    who is this


    By Essie Hickmon 28 Apr 2016

    who is...BR BR domain name name BR LG.co.UK BR BR registrant BR data locator group ltd BR BR registrant type BR UK small company business number BR BR registrants address BR Clarendon road BR Waterford BR D DA BR united kingdom BR BR registrar BR amp net Ag label schilling BR URL a .and.co.UK a .Ind.infra BR useful dates BR registered on DEC BR expiry date DEC BR last updated jun BR BR registration standing BR registered until expiry date. BR BR name servers BR NS.rack space.com BR NS.rack space.com BR BR BR parent business BR information locator group small BR business number BR business type private small with share capital sic code other business activities web site a .co.Akbar inc. date Nov BR yearly returns Nov BR yearly accounts DEC BR last updated DEC BR add add add BR registered addressable green hes Wilford roadbed Ross on Nebr hr abbr BR a .dowdily.compounded locator group BR BR BR brat business BR consumer lifestyles limited business amount BR company type private limited with share capital sic code dormant web site a .co.Akbar inc. date Oct BR yearly returns Oct BR yearly accounts Oct BR last updated Nov BR BR registered addressable green hes Wilford roadbed Ross on Nebr hr abbr BR a .dowdily. lifestyles a .dowdily. john Williams BR you could register your opinion around consumer lifestyles limited hereby a .dowdily. lifestyles Mediterraneans


    By Edgar Spier 15 Apr 2016

    got a call with no message left.


    By Lkjdlaskd Alskdjas 04 Mar 2016

    received a call asking for my husband when i said he wasn't in they told me they were calling around a prize draw card that was posted to him


    By Gerald Marino 06 May 2016

    simply got a call


    By Lori Gregorich 19 May 2016

    who is using this number


    By Junie Ioanis 20 Jun 2016


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