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By gary platt 09 May 2016

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By Robert Radosevich 02 Mar 2016

We received a call from this amount yesterday.

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    By George Huerta 10 Jul 2016

    calls all the time.


    By Jacob Deschene 05 Jun 2016

    British gasoline calling around an existing account. this is rubbish as i am not and have never been a customer of theirs...


    By Paulett Davis 07 Apr 2016

    caller rang times.


    By Gyneth Owen 11 May 2016

    called and hung up without a word.


    By Joseph Sikes 16 Apr 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Tara Dogan 05 Mar 2016

    recorded message attempted to hang upwards but it kept on talking. unplugged batteries and eventually managed to discontent.


    By Brieannuh Toney 25 Mar 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By JULIA A ALTMANN 11 Jul 2016

    was claiming to be from Homeric and was a special female officer. obvious it was a computer created express.


    By Allison Hanas 17 Mar 2016

    incoming through Maratha telecommunications maybe VIP


    By Russell Wicevic 09 Apr 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this phone number

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