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By Jennifer Wakalowski 12 Mar 2016

Received a call. no one was on the line after my reply.

By Shakeyya Boler 16 Jan 2016

Rang this amount back automated response saying you have been named by the promise team.com

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    By Krystine Carroll 24 Jun 2016

    dint no who they are though but they also would seem to use


    By Maelyn Beauvais 10 Jun 2016


    By Ariana Melton 06 Jul 2016

    we're a cash gram representative and this man calls saying if he may send money over the telephone and he will reveal upward min after to come and pay us. once i told him we dint would transactions over the telephone he was actually upset and started calling me all kinds of poor names.. this isn't the first time.. we cant can anything around it but if some how some manner we could get him to cease that would be excellent.. he is simply trying to scam


    By Jessica Guibordeau 19 May 2016

    hushed calls today and yesterday also one on Th


    By Shakhari Bell 18 Jan 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Xavier Dean 29 Jun 2016

    they have phone me a few times adv antis they call there selves its a scam we're all victims. i have reported them to activity fraud more than once please could you all do so if you already ha vent the more of us that report it the better...


    By Manuel Fontes 11 Jul 2016

    have you tried answering the phone with a made up name for a company if they know they're contacting a business it could quit them calling back. its worked before for other problems calls. great luck.


    By Bonnie Neas 14 Jul 2016



    By Andrija Colovic 23 Jan 2016

    quine es


    By Neil Brenner 02 Apr 2016

    DPT Angolan Dario number Kara DOA wail Dario Gaiman unstuck cutup Baku Tortuga telex.. ta pi yang paling grange ajar DOA call jam tote Masai Sejong jam pm UK settle semi Baku Huang. Kahlua tack settle sleeps jam DOA Kara Alan masking file Kate magma.. mung Dean conceal magma. Lansing tack tote excused.. Apia company Ni... betel KIA Dario summit Gaiman.... Lansing Ted Erika....

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