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By Gail Holcomb-feuchter 18 Apr 2016

I only got a call from this telephone number.

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    By Kate Booth 11 Jun 2016

    who is using this number


    By J Moles 08 Apr 2016

    you most definitely don't follow the of com guidelines. i am becoming calls on a daily basis sometimes several a day. no message is left and only through this site have i discovered its the AA. this is pure harassment..i am absolutely sick of it and obviously phoning your amount has no effect whatsoever. as a supposedly reputable business you should be completely ashamed of yourselves. the whine rs you have had for many years judging by the places on this website are clearly fully disregarded. the same message has been posted by you for years. shame on you.


    By Bobby R 29 Apr 2016

    i didn't get to the telephone to reply it but when i attempted to ring it back it was not a recognizable number. probably another scam. have now blocked the number


    By Richard Heidlauf 19 May 2016

    striving to find outside who owns this number.


    By Tiffani Dinger 13 May 2016

    received a telephone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Cozette Nelson 09 Jul 2016

    Jain crotch ET personae NE pundit litre bout.


    By ROB STAN 01 Jul 2016

    whys that a loophole taps has its remit icon deals with possibility dopa breaches. get around it.


    By Nicholas Derosa 04 Mar 2016



    By Sara Thelin 16 Jan 2016

    who is this number


    By Terence Alchorn 11 Jul 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when picked upward.

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