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By Krysta Rowse 27 Mar 2016

Had some calls around a couple of days from this amount and also from number . when i call both numbers back the same express says hello you re through to cashier this is sandy how can i help yob BR i dint understand if cashier is a business or if I'm getting through to a certain department of an unknown company...

By Chryle Nofsinger-wiens 14 Jan 2016

The line is allocated to gamma talcum holdings. see a .gamma.co.about likely an incoming VIP call.

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    By KAMERONE COLEMAN 22 Jun 2016

    this amount is calling me all hours of the day even nighttime when I'm striving. to sleep afterward they are at. it again within the morning days within a row hence far


    By Iola Kerper 25 Jun 2016

    i had a call from this amount this afternoon i have just just seen it as i have my phone on charge. i will be putting this number on my call blocker blacklist.


    By Lonnie Culliver 24 May 2016

    my associate received a text message this day at from someones cellular telephone which reads as follows the banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged bank accounts. for your refund click a .people.coma or stipend. banks dint send text messages without asking you if you want them to text you. so my associate wants to know how this individual got his cellular telephone amount as I have assessed for him on his benefit on the Google hunt bar. it lists just one person named Cheri fording inside south Stafford. please can you help to end these messages thank you.


    By Lu ying Yang 08 Mar 2016

    got a call with no message left.


    By Mac Legerton 27 Apr 2016

    did not answer.


    By Marcella Dawkins 11 Jul 2016

    no message left. don't know who called me.


    By Mechelle Wofford 02 Jun 2016

    this person is most likely someone i understand but i cannot amount it outside. they have said quite rude matters to me and it is getting outside of hand.


    By Thomas Knapp 11 May 2016

    ID who this is


    By Harold Hagar 26 Apr 2016

    rung by toddler


    By Janeen Banta 15 Feb 2016

    om my Samsung edge display it came upward as scam. so did not response it

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