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By Peter 11 Jan 2017

Robot call with no one on the other end.

By Kevin Loiler 26 Jun 2016

Pain within backside

By Retha Smith 03 Feb 2016

I have this itemized on my BTU bill charged at .. just the one charger nobody was within at that time so we didn't make the call.BR will see i can get this amount blocked.

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    By Kaylea Morris 22 Jun 2016

    WHO's this


    By Luciane Fleming 29 Jun 2016

    this sequence of seemingly essential London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com could do around it. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. simply discount. or better still answer amp appreciate winding up Natasha or whatever else fictitious name shes using


    By Alexandra V. 28 May 2016

    into which language would you enjoy first post on this page translated to help your comprehension of these calls


    By Karl Czekus 21 May 2016

    they call me two times a day. when i response no one says anything they simply hang upwards. if i let it ring they leave no message.


    By D Gumaer 12 Jun 2016

    prohibited spam text Msgr BR government schemes allow you to compose off a high of debt you cannot manage reply help for more tips or cease to prefer outre BR reported Tao .org. texts BR have a look at this anti text spam website sapient fridge.


    By Amy Beinke 26 Jun 2016

    fraudulent scam. do not call. i have contacted Barclay's fraud team to have the amount blocked


    By careerpath.com 15 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Robin Witham 14 May 2016

    remainder simple call me from all kinds of new places with different phone numbers to trick me into answering. they waste so considerably time month after month. this kind of harassment should be criminalized apparently they are dealing inside life assurance and may have links to click life or an old policy. i cannot understand exactly why they're so persistent it is quite concerning but i suspect they are distressed to scam anyone they think has cash to waste but that's not me either .


    By John Marchio jr. 05 Jun 2016

    i did not reply it.


    By Jonda Vance 27 Jun 2016

    i got a call to my cellular telephone from this number this evening about pm

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