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By Peter 11 Jan 2017

Robot call with no one on the other end.

By Kevin Loiler 26 Jun 2016

Pain within backside

By Retha Smith 03 Feb 2016

I have this itemized on my BTU bill charged at .. just the one charger nobody was within at that time so we didn't make the call.BR will see i can get this amount blocked.

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    By Wayne Dively 21 Jun 2016

    this is reddish auto and Cleveland council home gain section


    By Jerry Berglin 30 Mar 2016

    named today didn't reply though if Gordon above says its power i had booked a set on a call queue but i already answered that one threes no need to call me again


    By Gary Meddaugh 05 Jul 2016

    this amount was sent to me inside a scam e mail asking me to contact it to affirm a job interview for a post i ha vent used for. didn't call it and deleted the e mail. scam


    By Genika Watkins 22 Jun 2016



    By Richard Braby 19 Jun 2016

    this guy was the most abusive person I've ever listened to on the telephone. after giving me horses......first were non runners next was ND and a winner at . he subsequently asks me for for three months worth of tips.the four he gave me came over a four month interval so results wont be that high. when i refused he named me a time wasting welsh to which i replied oh there we're subsequently ain't i the fortunate one not to have joined your syndicate cos you've simply showed your true colours hes now saying hes got a stud farm and knows some actually powerful horsey people.....don't give this guy any money.......but tease him along and wait for his punchline when you wont subscribe.


    By Romero Joel 29 Jun 2016

    had a call from this number inquired me if i was elegance Buckley i said WHO's calling please she said if i didn't affirm who i was subsequently she couldn't tell me. i said if she didn't tell me subsequently i would have to hang upwards. i hung up


    By Jason Sorochinsky 07 Jun 2016

    some man saying he was from Cardiff cony council when i said i did not consider he was from the council he hung up


    By Warren Plauche 30 Mar 2016

    hi i had a miss call from use


    By Terry Carvey 30 May 2016

    merely got a call


    By Christal Chapman 04 Jun 2016

    this no. keeps on calling me and I am getting so Dick cause when i call back they hang up on me...

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