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By Peter 11 Jan 2017

Robot call with no one on the other end.

By Kevin Loiler 26 Jun 2016

Pain within backside

By Retha Smith 03 Feb 2016

I have this itemized on my BTU bill charged at .. just the one charger nobody was within at that time so we didn't make the call.BR will see i can get this amount blocked.

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    By Anita Hesler 06 Jul 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Jess Kern 10 Jun 2016

    about calls inside the past week i am already insured by them lately renewed my insurance for the second year.. annoying ..


    By Shannon Rinker 20 Feb 2016

    got a call from this number. research indicates this isn't a valid amount. someone has spoofed this number to appear on caller id. do not response phone numbers you are not recognizable with or are not expecting.


    By Yurilka Hernandez 02 Jun 2016

    who or where's this number please


    By Jack Barney 20 Jun 2016



    By Misty Madson 01 Jun 2016

    found the number on my caller id.


    By Cherri Hurtt 19 Jan 2016

    called me on my mobile number. i didn't pick up.


    By Walter Lain 12 May 2016

    anybody getting calls from this number


    By JOE FOGARTY 05 Jul 2016

    Yuri group of companies. MGM cam ha ram would rang Ni. x DE manners. x educated Lansing. auk MGM aide tang credit lad gawk. x snip k PIN. same la derange intestine auk nark Kohl BIOS auk la auk KP nark Kohl la. aide auk Kasai. BR n auk digerati ole local bank Ni die Kate slang bank Niagara DH haymaking rd party collector Ni. n auk x pa ham ken ape Masai aide lg bank G hire derange Ni Kali DH ha ram. desperate Sgt nark moisten.


    By Vernon Garver 23 Apr 2016

    no one spoke.

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