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By Bonnie Wittenberg 12 Jan 2016

Just call inquire for William bathe i inquire for name and id

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    By Donald Hackley 03 Jan 2016

    fed up with getting calls from this number on my acreage line i dint answer i just press the reply crucial and follow on to press my close key


    By Sara Main 05 Jul 2016

    put it within MA evaluate Pl


    By Carl Comerford 01 Jun 2016

    i received those calls twice they left messages which is a good indication so i contacted my electricity and gas provider utility warehouse for confirmation that these were authentic calls on their benefit.BR BR utility warehouse phoned me back to say that Lori beck does work for them and that as my meter is rather old they would like to replace it so no problems there.BR BR i will phone Lori beck to arrange an appointment to change my meter. within brief authentic company and not spam.


    By Zef Hudgins 08 Mar 2016

    no message left. do not know who called me.


    By Jascilla Rayford 26 May 2016

    no one on the line.


    By Betty Caron 08 Apr 2016

    did not answer


    By Paula Cardosa 10 Jul 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this number


    By Jerry Lorenz 25 Jan 2016

    wow dude get over it and cool outside no one said it was a scam and maybe if you have a issue with it subsequently possibly dint add your CV on to a CV website okay


    By hilton rodriguez 09 Jun 2016

    i only got a missed call from and they left me a message to call them back on . is this a scam or shall i telephone the number on the back on my card BR BR they also named my work property line which is exactly why i think this is fake as i didn't give them that amount BR any thoughts


    By Mark Pendergrass 09 May 2016

    nose quine es

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