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By Bonnie Wittenberg 12 Jan 2016

Just call inquire for William bathe i inquire for name and id

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    By Sherif morfeh Iskandar 03 May 2016

    yes i have additionally been receiving these both yesterday amp today.BR i have reported these companies to the icon before but they never appear to would anything about it.


    By Emmy Pavani 03 Jun 2016

    er er


    By Annie Curis 09 Jul 2016

    called left no message. I am on no call list.


    By NANCY GESSELL 11 Apr 2016

    recorded message pedalling poi claims. reported to icon.


    By Peter Arendt 31 May 2016

    some idiot named Dave but nothing else


    By John Msal 14 Jun 2016

    this number appears on fake JavaScript pop ups which give untrue dire warnings subsequently ask you to call either or . the business behind this call themselves consolation.com .com latter is where they receive payments. they claim to be in the UK and us but they are based within India and their USP is Tatar communications. their IPA address was ... on its. if anyone has been conned by these guys I have recorded video audio and network traces to establish who is behind the fraud. get inside touch.


    By richard abrams 28 May 2016

    rang twice amp on a Sunday morning no response when we decided up.BR where can these folks get our ex directory number I'm ill and tired of unsolicited phone calls so much so that i have all acreage line calls at my company are diverted to my mobile which has call blocking facility. i really politely tell them I'm active and to ring back tomorrow then block the number. if they call again i merely block that also. i dint response or no caller id.


    By Alyce Pride 12 Jan 2016

    definitely RCA made a call out as busted down and this was one of the numbers they contacted me from.


    By Wendy Nault 01 Jun 2016

    quire saber a Que Le patience ESE numeric.


    By Jason Malkiewicz 09 Jul 2016

    calls regular but leaves no message who could it be

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