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By Faith Cheryl 24 Jan 2016


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    By Harold P. Horton 26 May 2016

    keeps calling. who could it be


    By Cora Donaldson 15 Feb 2016

    picked up phone and there was quiet on the other finish.


    By Michael Videtich 06 May 2016

    named me by no one on the line lots of Asian voices within the history saying hello i place it next to my smoke detector and place it on test several times loud enough to actually p them away and subsequently place it down after minutes on their bill.


    By Shoshanna Cone 03 Jun 2016

    quiet call so i pressed keys loads of times to confuse


    By Pauletta Harp 13 Apr 2016

    rang again march at but as the amount was blocked I've only just noticed looking back through call history.


    By Brice Maryman 12 Mar 2016

    though another lot attempting to get on the back of government scheme to sell you something priced and not needed.


    By Casey Abay 03 Jul 2016

    overexposed inquest


    By O Jennings 28 May 2016

    received calls and miss calls when response they place the telephone down when i try to call back tells me i have dial led wrong number


    By Kathleen Mcdarby 08 May 2016

    i want to know the no user


    By Brianna Robson 07 Jan 2016

    Huber BR i work within the customer service department at CD.BR BR cash finance direct holdings limited trading as horizon finance is a master finance broker who helps individuals to arrange loans. we do not give the money ourselves but take your details through our telephone service and pass them on to our extensive panel of lenders with the intent of them making an offer of finance to you directly. BR BR we've a UK based call centre simply outside Manchester our total postal contact will be located here a .co.contact.ASPCA we have offered our service since . BR our company registration number is our consumer credit licence number is we are additionally registered with the information commissioners office number AZ. we are accredited with the ISO award for approved quality direction systems used inside the running of the service we offer. BR BR we've been greatly regulated to run the service we offer since . we're licensed by both telephone pay plus for our premium speed lines and the office of fair trading for our licence to arrange financial products on behalf of our customers. we also comply with the info commissioners running code when processing clients personal data. we're exempt from registration with the FAA financial services power as we don't arrange secured loans or lend cash ourselves. BR BR conformity is absolutely paramount to our organization we've scripted wording for our agents to ensure they say just what they are permitted to say nothing more and nothing less. this is further supported by our ISO award for approved quality direction systems both of which attest our dedication to staff training to ensure the service received by our clients is completely compliant at all times. BR BR we're a company and consequently cannot run our service for free the back upward support underwriting section customer services section representative costs extended launching hours and other benefits have a price attached to them we must cover this cost by the use of our premium rate call. BR BR we are transparent with our customers and don't disguise the fact that we generate an income from the use of our premium rate service. the call charges are supplied from the outset you will be answered by an automated greeting confirming the cost of the call and maximum call time before any conversation takes put allowing you the customer to create a choice of whether or not to continue with using our service. using premium speed phone lines allows us not to be guided by which of our lenders will benefit us with the biggest commissions but on which lender is right for our customers and their individual circumstances or loan requirements. BR BR we don't charge upfront program or government fees there are many other finance brokers inside the market who charge upwards to . to take your details and pass them on to a lender. BR BR a handful of the many benefits to using our service.....BR BR no waiting within a call queue when using our service. BR dedicated agents dealing with your question from begin to finish. BR one of the largest lending panels within the UK with a dedicated underwriting section. BR a complete no questions asked refund policy for any costs incurred inside using our service. BR dedicated customer services section offering freephone support from am to pm. BR long launching hours am to pm on weekdays and Saturday from am to pm. BR UK call centre using local favorable and knowledgeable staff to handle your call efficiently. BR investor in people and ISO accredited phone agents dealing with your call. BR routine updates and lender contact details sent to you free of charge by Sims and additionally by email.BR BR we're occasionally asked exactly why charge for a premium rate call only to offer a refund of the costs only as you would not anticipate to help yourself to products free of charge at your local supermarket only because they had a cash back ensure we manage inside the same way. we expect that the challenging work investment within staff training and continual improvements in every aspect of the service we offer will be recognized by many of our customers who in turn are joyful to pay for the relatively little cost of the call as they feel they have received real value for money based on their own experiences. BR BR we would like to help every single customer get just what they want regrettably this would be an impossible job and yet challenging we attempt and yet many lenders we have on our panel we cannot help everyone. if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with our service and would love to assert your cash back we offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee for the full costs of your call. BR BR the law permits us to retain . towards the expenses we've incurred in processing your query yet we've picked to waive this right and will constantly offer a total refund. BR BR it is quite significant to us that our customers feel completely satisfied with the service we offer and if you dint for whatever reason we feel that you shouldn't have to pay for it. we wont question your reasons for wanting a refund but we would value your feedback so we may use it to focus our attentions on what is really important to our customers. BR BR inside order to get a total refund we would only inquire that you send within a copy of your phone bill to ensure that we don't underpay you highlighting the calls made to our service. BR BR if sending by post you could either send it using our free post service as below BR BR no stamp required simply compose the above address on your envelope and we pay the costar BR BR frostbit CD holdings BR BR or you could use our normal postal address but will need to set a stamp on your envelope BR BR cash finance direct holdings limited floor BR dale houseboy divot Debra stockpot Cheshire SK tabor BR a scanned copy of your phone bill will be absolutely okay please send it via email to .co.UK BR BR if you are inside any uncertainty that we've received your refund request please do not hesitate to contact us ideally via email to .co.UK and we will come back to you as quickly as we will with an anticipated payment date please include your name address and phone amount so we may contact you via phone if we need to. BR BR regards BR BR customer service timbre BR BR BR

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