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By cher sykes 13 Apr 2016

Phoned neatest today and told them about the fraudulent activity going on within among their accounts. gave them details and they said the yd take a look and take proper activity. sweet fa afterward. they could not give me any information and i dint anticipate it will be dealt with within an urgent mode.BR additionally attempted phoning col authorities but kept becoming answerphone as all lines were active. left a message will try again tomorrow. am i naive in presuming that if we keep hassling people something might actually get Nebr i get the feeling that Oslo have been rumbled earlier than they would have enjoyed as they seem to be urgently trying to give themselves more time to get away. i trust its giving them sleepless nights.

By Lucia Defilippo 15 Mar 2016

Calling but not saying anything.

By Ben Dean-kawamura 10 Mar 2016


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    By Danielle Osik 29 Apr 2016

    got a call from this no. twice. do anyone know who the caller


    By ed owens 13 Jul 2016

    i additionally received call from and they told me that i win lac rs reward from BC.


    By Donna Pantelides 08 Jul 2016

    no SE


    By Ricky Naquin 30 Jun 2016

    desired to understand who owns this number.


    By Mary Cleek 30 Jun 2016



    By Shanae Rochelle 05 May 2016

    female foreign told me i paid per month for care of my washing machine. i asked her from whence she had got this information and she promptly cut the connection. yet another nuisance call


    By Alana Fox 16 Mar 2016

    calls within early morning ..its....call back gives recorded message....may be annoyware


    By Angie Truax 27 Jun 2016

    if you are within the UK no it isn't. apart from anything else BTU open reach simply puts in the cables wires.


    By Teresa Norberg 12 Jul 2016

    they merely called me.


    By Robert Eckes 12 Jun 2016


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