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By Elnora Haizlip 22 Jun 2016

Anyone who does not leave a message is an unwanted call that's how i do it. you could stake they want money if they keep calling

By Frank Sevilla 07 Jan 2016

Ignore this caller

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    By Lanika Rostorfer 16 Jun 2016

    repeated calls


    By Claude Pennebaker 16 May 2016

    one call


    By Rikki Camden 10 Jun 2016

    my caller id showed this amount.


    By lakisha handford 22 Feb 2016

    left no message


    By Tucker Jeannie 18 Feb 2016

    i have got this number as it's named me twice now i dint understand who it is has any one got any notion who it is tired to call it back but all i get is this number not reckoned


    By Shasta Watkins 02 Jun 2016

    note they said lawyer................not solicitor clearly working the scam from UK but i would suggest not UK nationals we dint use the term lawyer i have had calls and have contacted police and the fraud agency and i am not scared merely wish it was a actual call and not a taped MSG so i could tell them inside great old Anglo Saxon where they will go.


    By Eleanor Ginkinger 04 Feb 2016

    got a call. replied and they hung up.


    By Bryan Switzer 29 Mar 2016



    By June Pizzano 02 Jul 2016

    calls inside days call back amp its disconnected would these folks get their jollies over doing this go away


    By Kenneth Neider 09 Jul 2016

    who is using this number

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