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By Elnora Haizlip 22 Jun 2016

Anyone who does not leave a message is an unwanted call that's how i do it. you could stake they want money if they keep calling

By Frank Sevilla 07 Jan 2016

Ignore this caller

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    By Lacy Gaddy 06 May 2016

    its advertising a free horse


    By Lakendra Mitchell 19 May 2016

    no messages was left.


    By Tonya Crane 05 Apr 2016

    unusual call


    By Felton Gotell 27 Apr 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Farah Kittae 14 May 2016

    keep calling my amount and not leaving a message.


    By april hamilton 01 Apr 2016

    guy sounded Pakistani said i had won or i could not make it outside. started reeling away code numbers i had to compose down. they want you to call another number. i hung upward.


    By Joe Ludeman 05 Jul 2016

    desired to know who owns this phone amount.


    By Latisha Dixon 18 Feb 2016

    got a call. answered and they hung upward.


    By brenda billings 03 May 2016

    answered the call and got a few lines from some twit around you are entitled to cash and id had a really horrid day so i only yelled at them to close the f up you f c and ended the call and blocked the amount. not especially proud of my language there but did it ever feel great to unleash on those spammers...


    By Jonathan Knights 19 Apr 2016

    this amount just showed upwards on caller id and as i am suspicious of numbers i ignored it. it rang and rang for around minutes. i searched the number and some of the remarks here rang a bell. Jamie and his call blocking. i signed up to something like that a few years back and the chap was a Jamie from lineally. he said they contacted people on a list to get them to stop chilly calling. a waste of cash as the calls kept happening albeit at a reduced amount. then they named again after months to try to sell me a call blocking apparatus as calls were still becoming Thoroughbred this sounds like Jamie is attempting his luck again.BR idiot me once shame on you fool me twice..........

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