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By Cookie 11 Jan 2017

James Freeman & Evelyn Combs of Elkton, MD scammed $22,000.00 from a family member. Beware!

By Tracy rochelle Winkler 15 Jun 2016

Who is calling me from

By Garrard Leslie 15 Jan 2016

Any ideas keep calling keep lost them.

By Burgess David 07 Jan 2016

This call has a two digit area code like it might be a specific location

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    By Dan Orasi 16 Feb 2016

    i wish whoever it is calling me with this number would take the hint and simply cease annoying me Cox its on my blocked list so ain't going to be answered by me any time shortly mean calling to times a day is over the top especially since they should have guessed by now that I'm not going to answer


    By elizabeth stirling 02 Jul 2016

    looking for owner information.


    By Gayle Belcher 23 May 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Terry Skipper 16 May 2016

    Ala some Si Megan hover


    By Anna Kolodynski 19 Jun 2016

    someone i met on a chatline saying her name is sit ti Abbas


    By John Laughner Jr 21 Mar 2016

    got one


    By Betty Monacell 25 Feb 2016



    By Willam Mcabee 10 Jun 2016

    . now call from injury management business saying i had had an injury not true


    By Sarah l Sreenan 11 Jun 2016

    ... simply named me around debt solutions i inquired the usual questions about who he represents and how he got my amount i also said can they remove my amount as we're not inside any debt..returned back to me with lie lie lie close up.. so just attempted to call back and give them bit of the four letter variety...suppose what.. the amount does not exist...


    By Georgre Sougeron lll 02 Jan 2016


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