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By Cookie 11 Jan 2017

James Freeman & Evelyn Combs of Elkton, MD scammed $22,000.00 from a family member. Beware!

By Tracy rochelle Winkler 15 Jun 2016

Who is calling me from

By Garrard Leslie 15 Jan 2016

Any ideas keep calling keep lost them.

By Burgess David 07 Jan 2016

This call has a two digit area code like it might be a specific location

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    By Stacia Banks 18 Mar 2016

    i missed a call from this amount.


    By Terry Bocskei 30 May 2016

    DE quine es Eli Nero


    By RAYMOND CELEBUCKI 30 Mar 2016

    simply got call. said please hold automated voice. then nothing. annoying instead than sinister.


    By Sheila Valentino 11 Jul 2016

    i received over calls yesterday whereupon answering the caller hung upwards then another calls within the evening and the last call was BR BR today received a quiet call from BR then another call from re this one the caller said he was calling on behalf of householders choice and i inquired him what amount he was calling from but he subsequently hung up.


    By Ana Balcarcel 22 Mar 2016

    text me saying hi no idea who it's.


    By Jennifer Galantowicz 27 May 2016

    got a message the i have won lake pound on Th e Intel cellular telephone draw


    By Audrey Nambozo 27 Jun 2016

    had a call from this company they told me they were a utility agent named nationally. they asked me weather my contract is upwards for renewal said i was not conscious subsequently they offered me some prices which were way cheaper subsequently what i was paying subsequently they sent me a e email about whats the process going to be to switch and sent me a template and additionally sent me the prices of every supplier so that i could select any among them on my alternative.i sent the form back to them afterward they directly dealt with my provider and i love the benefits of that rates now.BR BR really professional great service free of price...


    By Ashley Grandi 14 Jul 2016

    no one on the line.


    By Serfa Lora 20 May 2016

    unknown caller.


    By Cheryl Bennett-donner 18 Apr 2016

    drop named by this number. no message etc... not calling back as undoubtedly foreign number

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