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By Maria Ginette 24 Feb 2016

I got a missed call from this number and i cant BR even it back

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    By Patricia Simounet 12 Jul 2016

    Asian guy named several times wanting to talk to me. when told that we're registered with Tc's ... the blocking bureau he said that my husband inquired me to call. i hung up.


    By Karolyn Hutton 30 May 2016

    got a missed call


    By Taz Sidie 25 May 2016

    named me at on my cellular telephone. said he was from national guidance service. BR BR inquired me if id worked inside business and if i had any hearing loss. i replied pardon and this continued for a couple of minutes until he realized what was going on. afterward i turned the radio up actually loud and let him listen to that for a bit.BR BR these folks are a damn nuisance. i wish the yd quit bothering me.BR BR if i did have a trouble with my hearing i wouldn't wait for someone to phone me outside of the blue hoping to get a cut of the pay outside.BR BR so i phoned them back and the girl who picked upward said national guide service. i said hello hello is anyone there. she repeated what she said and so did. afterward she hung up. damn ignorant.


    By Iesha Danjuma 20 May 2016

    same as all of you. said i would be arrested tax fraud etc. what ever


    By Spencer Koger 10 Jun 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Aurora Bullocvk 16 Apr 2016



    By Keithell Williams 13 Jun 2016

    did you ever locate outside who the call was from could it be a police mobile


    By Tricia Sambrano 25 Jun 2016

    yes the guy is a completer mental case


    By Chris Yorgensen 06 May 2016



    By Tammy Jankowski 09 Jun 2016

    does anybody else becoming calls from this phone number

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