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By Elaine Bussey 30 Jun 2016

Continuously calls and leaves no message.

By Thomas Jeans 06 Jun 2016

Dint know the number

By Taylor Lorrie 18 May 2016

We call a call from this number today seemed to be foreign and asked for my dad. we seem to be on a iteration simply now we're becoming loads of these calls simply now.

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    By Patricia Flanigan 30 May 2016

    got a call from this amount.


    By Gina Haddon 17 Jun 2016

    left no message on machine.


    By Kontar Joyner 28 Jun 2016

    i am becoming at least calls a week striving to tell me my mortgage may have been MI's sold. constantly between pm all named George Sean or john. what sounds like an emphasis. they're driving me insane now


    By DEMOND LEWIS 27 Jun 2016

    they named me asking if i could turn on my PC advertisement it was sending them internal crucial malfunctions from my laptop and one had anything similar.......


    By Dejon Middleton 05 Feb 2016

    named twice leaving no message on screening answering machine


    By Amanda Burnett 25 May 2016

    i dint know


    By Caroline Rosbrook 25 Jun 2016

    this is a premium rate amount for stay sure insurance use in future


    By Sarah Bordeaux 03 Jul 2016



    By Gary Gombala 09 Jun 2016

    i was charting with this amusing man he said he is from u.k that he was born and brought upwards in Nigeria.within the middle of the discussion he said that bonanza upward there that things are more cheaper me i went offline and came he started asking me on what to purchase he started convincing me that he gonna use flight to send that to me .early within the morning i received a me sage from a business they said its Hus cargo i apple laptop climbed bloom inoculate karat gold chain European hair and inches and two reddish boxes box which is private going please kindly come to our office which is at Hus cargo see us at plot a Kashmir Abraham road Madurai airport Nigeria or cal customer attention representative for deliver services Hus cargo the mans name is Ottawa Vern inside Facebook pleas knew who u talk with dint let stuff thing kill you when its NT Ur turn


    By Marie Marius 21 Mar 2016

    this scummier call hours a day and nighttime they hang upward or leave a message with telemarketers harassing other customers within the foundation.

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