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By Hochui Chun 07 Jul 2016

Nazis Osborne

By anne schreiber 20 May 2016

This is a scam to days amount from these low life pieces of individual crap they're trying to bargain your tips and cash. this is a scam

By Donovan Touchet 22 Jan 2016

Called me on my cellphone. no message left.

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    By Nicholas Cavallo 01 Jan 2016

    curiosity eventually got the better of me now as this amount kept calling me and as the code is my local area code i presumed it must be a authentic call from a local company but as it price me p for a less than second call i think not they said they were your vehicle consultants i think that's what it sounded enjoy and they afterward tell you how to take your phone amount away their list. do not do this as all you are doing is confirming your number as a valid number so they will sell your details to other companies.


    By Bryan Krusniak 13 Apr 2016

    rang now couldn't hear him really well he said are you deaf afterward called me an effing and that he would pass my amount to everyone.


    By Jen Douglas 13 Jul 2016

    the most dishonest money grabbing supplier going. i left because they refused point blank to return an around payment. now they re chasing a non debt they created from figures they made upward. they could keep chasing it ain't being paid.BR prevent at all cost. untrustworthy dishonest unreliable thieving scum.


    By Rhona Tuthill 03 May 2016

    this was a telemarketer selling a vacation bundle to Orlando.


    By Bianca Bagwell 23 Feb 2016

    Jack Watson with ethnic express claiming to be BTU support and want to get into my computer by team viewer.


    By theresa ramey 14 Jun 2016

    unknown caller


    By Julio Hernandez 08 Jun 2016

    i dint know who called from this number and i would love to know


    By Bj Sharp 04 May 2016

    what is this amount and wheres it from


    By Nicholas Sweetland 01 Jun 2016

    ye at another recorded poi message


    By Fay Wastler 14 Mar 2016

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