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By Shannon Eblen 15 May 2016

Unknown amount calling

By Basha Dorose 26 Apr 2016

Only need to call this dept instantaneously by recording.

By Anita Townsend 21 Apr 2016

Anyone else getting calls from this phone number

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    By Thomas Tremain 19 Feb 2016

    recorded spiel to replace boiler


    By Chrissy Odonnell 11 Mar 2016

    hi alb BR in now within dispute with these mugs and have referred them to the European trading standards. within my stupidity i agreed to them sending me something as i couldn't get them away the telephone. they said i had no obligation to pay for anything and two weeks later Callie same asking for around quid. i never liked the food to be fair and said they were get tin all from me subsequently the relentless calls states. within two weeks i received approx calls so had to block the amount fro mt pine and email customer services to whine this is still on going from march they offers to settle for quid but i refused and now have a letter threatening me with court Acton. they will jog on


    By Ife Bancole 29 Feb 2016

    got a call from this number.


    By Suzy Coker 02 Jan 2016

    no one responded.


    By Jack Hauck 08 Jul 2016

    odd text


    By Joyce Leeper 25 Apr 2016

    calls today leaves no message


    By Thomas Eschenroeder 24 Jun 2016

    received a call this morning.


    By Troy alexander Villafuerte 29 Apr 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Shellie Peuhs 12 May 2016

    left no message


    By Jeffrey w backlund Jeffrey 01 Apr 2016

    its a poi caller. this is among the numbers that will ring you back if you pressed a amount key on your telephone after answering an automated call.BR BR the person who said that cellular telephone phone companies sell your details on is mistaken these poi calls come from computer controlled systems that create calls to banks of numbers one after the other. they dint need to know who you are and it does not matter if you re ex directory. the numbers to be named are generated mechanically.

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