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By Shannon Eblen 15 May 2016

Unknown amount calling

By Basha Dorose 26 Apr 2016

Only need to call this dept instantaneously by recording.

By Anita Townsend 21 Apr 2016

Anyone else getting calls from this phone number

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    By Marc Callahan 09 Jun 2016

    keep calling about a sky account from years ago


    By Richard Patti 18 May 2016

    i end you replacement nationals form what to my hump for om


    By Stacy Ellul 11 Jun 2016

    merely wondering who is calling


    By Sandra j Burbick 14 Feb 2016

    who is this


    By Ann Amendola 20 Feb 2016

    this is really a genuine call from MBA that's some manner to deal with fraud now a lot of their cards are being compromised and they are issuing new cards. could this be anything to do with adobe cc being hacked which was supposedly safe


    By Eric Hagman 29 Feb 2016

    i just need to locate who this is


    By John Buschor 24 Feb 2016

    female foreign told me i paid per month for care of my washing machine. i inquired her from whence she had got this data and she promptly cut the link. however another nuisance call


    By Katia Ochoa 10 Jan 2016

    i think the owner of this desire id card


    By Aurthur Long 04 May 2016

    none of this batch of numbers has ever been issued therefore they exist just inside cyberspace so no one will call or find them. the fraud community has caught on to this in recent weeks as will a fast scan down the latest calls list on Cm illustrate. clever small trick to encourage possibility victims to response their telephone from seemingly a central London UK caller.BR of com within its normal wisdom amp eternal optimism has place apart for film amp television companies to use when an actor is making a phone call bit like every amount on u.s. produced picture amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la place codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts kind wizardry the number you see ain't consistently what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller exhibit has with any digits discount block if you may dint reply it therein lies the route to grief and loss of money.


    By Jo ann Calhoun 23 Jun 2016

    answer call man dropped

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