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By Willliam Marquess 26 Jun 2016

The reason you will never see a Kirby distributor office in any component of the world is that any office that's part of the Kirby company isn't allowed to have web sites.the only people that say they are Kirby on web sites are nothing to would with the Kirby business.

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    By Trudy Bright 03 Mar 2016

    i got calls from this amount but never a message.


    By William C grasty jr 27 Jun 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Kristi Mcgonagle 04 Apr 2016

    called and hung upward with no message.


    By Jhesi Perkins 26 Jan 2016

    bhaji AP Jon ho


    By allen duban 21 Apr 2016

    whose no


    By Sharlene Fair 10 Feb 2016

    amount keeps calling subsequently when i reply they hang up


    By null Brat 04 May 2016

    someone is continuously disturbing me from this amount.


    By Tracy Renacido 08 Jun 2016

    don't fall for it or give him any info sycamore BR a guy with an Indian emphasis called on thanksgiving and said my computer is sending out a indicate because its being hacked. i yelled at him it was thanksgiving he said i understand and I am away from my family overly. calling BS thanksgiving does not exist in India regardless i wanted to see what the hell he was upward to so i kept talking to him for a while to find his bluff. he told me my windows computer is being hacked. i inquired which one since i have multiple. he said all since they're all on the same net connecting. BS again. i have security applications on my computer so i thought i would inquire to see if he was with the company. again could not give me the name of the business. so subsequently i said if you re my security company please tell me my information. he rattled away my husbands name and address all public record. except i called BS on him again. .all my computers are registered to my name including my web service. i was making thanksgiving dinner for individuals and he desired me to stop for Min's. go f yourself stop trying to scam everyone don't fall for it or give him any information scam


    By Tonja Craig 18 Apr 2016

    who is this individual who calls


    By Aamir Gangji 27 Jun 2016

    to BR BR you have one massage.BR BR Julia bin ti Jamal does not activate at this number. please check the URL as owner amount and assess the amount card within maxis centre.BR qt

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