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By marcel gauthier 16 Apr 2016


By Sarah Walthall 22 Mar 2016

Named me at work.

By Carol Dzwinel 07 Jan 2016

Please return my phone

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    By Thomas Genetti 29 Mar 2016

    got a charge on my EEO phone bill from. BR anyone know who it is


    By Timothy Gilbrech 28 Jun 2016

    only had a call from this business. told them the car has a warranty on it. merely like will who posted on the i have simply renewed the wife's car insurance after going on all the auto comparison websites. looks they are selling your details on. this same kind of call came this time last year after renewing the same car. they very quickly asked for my bank details and i refused to give it to them asking for the details be posted. they to said that my details had come from my insurance business so i assessed and was told they are not allowed to pass your details on. looks that the auto comparison sites are their source. after running quotes on these sites i get calls from brokers to see if they will give oi a better estimate so looks like these scampers have the same accessibility.


    By Ed Benek 07 Jul 2016

    just received a call from this number where nobody is on the finish of the line and subsequently the line goes dead after a around seconds has anyone else received calls from this number


    By Rita Miracle 24 Mar 2016

    itch bin Drano ganging. guy wallet Mir unbeaten dads itch Mich Essen Lassie. es SE Brant dads itch I am net nacho grandam such Dee Mich Essen mag. itch fans DA's abating Ind Haber so fort afflict.


    By Ashley Verburgt 09 Jul 2016

    automated call about insurance. seems enjoy a scam.


    By Joann Teeters 29 Jun 2016

    had a call from this number yesterday but cant appear to find it anywhere. usual hushed treatment then hang upwards. searched up the region code to find outside is mercury premium rate so dint call back


    By victor almendarez 25 Jun 2016

    oracle business based within toerag annoying fiscal planning people


    By wild4fishing1965 msn.com Ronald 19 Jan 2016



    By Dana Snow 20 May 2016

    caller id Seattle WA no messages


    By Charles Groscost 13 Feb 2016

    just named this morning Friday . excessive back earth office sound i kept saying hello got no response afterward usual CAP hi how are you doing this morning i replied hello can there be anybody there and she still could not hear me and she hung upward got the same call a few weeks ago only going to hang up as shortly as i get these similar calls as times out of ten they hang upwards on you with out any Tara etc if there not getting there own way.

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