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By Matthias Muldrow 23 May 2016

Please stop your calls to me i am tied of your nonsense.

By Garianne Draves 23 Feb 2016

Called me on my cellular telephone amount.

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    By Joyce Wunibald 23 May 2016

    telemarketing attempt to discuss you within stopping nuisance phone calls then want to charge you a one off payment of for the privileged.


    By Donna Chaney 04 Jun 2016

    only check in


    By Richard Bolden 18 Jun 2016

    premier talcum are a valid business BR they are only chilly calling which isn't prohibited unless your ragged with tapestry BR nothing to stress about


    By Sadedrah Williams 02 Feb 2016

    left no message.


    By Jeannette Arbulu 16 Apr 2016

    is this a legitimate called from virgin I've only woken up and within my tired state stupidly gave out my card details to pay a final bill with what i thought was virgin...... please tell me I am not gonna have to phone upward my bank and cancel though another card due to fraudsters


    By Barry Matlack 08 Jun 2016

    no message


    By Stephanie Durick 14 May 2016

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    By Kelli Mcmurphy 09 May 2016

    constantly call


    By Darin Helmer 06 May 2016

    does anyone know who this number belongs to when i answered they hung upwards after a few seconds.


    By Zuleyka Rivera 05 Apr 2016

    repeated calls

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