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By Peter jc penny Jaques 30 Jun 2016

i got a call from that number BTU sadly network bother our conservation on June at

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    By Antionette Drumgoole 11 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By Helen Areinbolt 01 May 2016

    scam call. your computer has a problem etc etc.


    By john crotty 16 Mar 2016



    By Brenda lee Landis 23 Jun 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this telephone number


    By Dawn Friedland 03 Jul 2016

    will anybody tell us what business is this or is this just another spammer


    By Charlotte j Utley 20 May 2016

    keeps calling does not speak when i answer


    By Bunny Vaughan 01 Jun 2016

    chap inquiring around a car injury i had sometime past. err no goodbye scummier


    By Kim Griesemer 07 Apr 2016

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    By brad fisher 26 Mar 2016

    only got a call


    By Fuatino Kodama 05 Jul 2016


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