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By Peter jc penny Jaques 30 Jun 2016

i got a call from that number BTU sadly network bother our conservation on June at

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    By Renaldo Jensen 28 Jun 2016

    been becoming calls that caller id say ab. raising frequency. never answered call generally drops after a ring or . calling my cell


    By Tonia Headley 04 Jul 2016



    By Becky Deville 02 May 2016

    this amount rung i answered and i was silent for seconds subsequently line went dead I've rung same amount back and the number isn't recognized.


    By Carolyn shaw Penney 27 Jun 2016

    called repeatedly from this amount. at least times a day for a week.


    By Leona Nilsen 20 May 2016

    coleuses the just supermarket we consistently cease and do our shopping because its a bit cheaper and take family with and its great store to go for shopping


    By Eularia Rios 11 Jun 2016

    call on at . silent call afterward cut away by caller


    By Oscar Madrigal Sjo-omadrigal 13 Jun 2016

    unknown amount.


    By Jeffrey Moy 19 May 2016

    somebody named from this number which company


    By Gertrude Danneo 21 Jun 2016

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    By Gary Stepien 28 Feb 2016

    ...... screws get a life

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