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By Mairela Vargas 24 Jun 2016

Received a phone call from this number. no message left.

By Val Schoener 08 Apr 2016


By Laurence l Duff 04 Feb 2016

Yeah i got a text from telling me to call this amount. after reading the comments on here thank you for the opinions i will not fall for this scam. I am sure the fitness center i was with would call me first before giving my details to these cowboys. as much as i have researched this number is from India and I am sure calling this amount would sky rocket my phone bill. i have not received any letters either and i have stopped going to the fitness center within may. beside they may threaten me all they like i have moved house which is exactly why i didn't go to the gym anymore the address they have is my pupil address so good luck to them finding me not

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    By Minako Kuzma 16 Jun 2016

    please locate above number


    By Nicole Delio 10 May 2016

    named me twice i replied. didn't say a matter. i hanged upward. called them back and its wait for it. a call center who inquired me to hold automated message of class. saying that my call was significant. what kind of sick game


    By brett watson 16 Apr 2016

    dent know this no unknown no BTU a tone will be hear ed


    By mhenley31 sbcglobal.net Mike 13 Jul 2016

    i got a message and on returning the call we could not comprehend each other


    By Jene Inman 27 Mar 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Elon Green 12 Apr 2016

    did not leave a express message.


    By Lyn Raymond 26 Mar 2016

    i received a brief call this morning. I am from Spain


    By Julie Vinnola 19 Jun 2016

    i need to understand this number


    By Chris Vonessen 06 Jul 2016

    anybody getting calls from this telephone number


    By Paul Szamosszegi 27 Apr 2016


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