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By Mairela Vargas 24 Jun 2016

Received a phone call from this number. no message left.

By Val Schoener 08 Apr 2016


By Laurence l Duff 04 Feb 2016

Yeah i got a text from telling me to call this amount. after reading the comments on here thank you for the opinions i will not fall for this scam. I am sure the fitness center i was with would call me first before giving my details to these cowboys. as much as i have researched this number is from India and I am sure calling this amount would sky rocket my phone bill. i have not received any letters either and i have stopped going to the fitness center within may. beside they may threaten me all they like i have moved house which is exactly why i didn't go to the gym anymore the address they have is my pupil address so good luck to them finding me not

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    By Rafael Asbeuri 30 Jun 2016

    who call me


    By robin stithem 08 Jun 2016

    virgin media


    By Don Kirchhoff 20 Mar 2016

    DE quine es ESE numb


    By Emma Tennie 08 Jan 2016

    repeated calls


    By Ana Avant 22 May 2016

    i need to quit this number from calling me


    By Sabrina Crader 13 Jul 2016

    so if its legit as you would have it how come I have never purchased a hoover or a candy merchandise within my life or are you one of these calibre BR funny how they rang about minutes ago nicely within the time framework of all the foreign scam merchants but never left a Msgr BR joinery


    By Eileen Nestor 19 Apr 2016

    the owner of this amount is a scummier he tried to get me to deposit money into his account saying that he was arrested at the cape town international airport for carrying half a million on him.


    By Ian Summerville 24 Jun 2016

    found this number on my caller id.


    By Martha Hunkapiller 29 Jun 2016

    keep receiving messages from this number


    By Abbas Khasmakhi 08 Jul 2016

    no idea who called me on my mobile

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