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Dint understand why they named but when i received the call they did not react i continued saying hello i even screamed aye and nothing but right I am waiting minutes on the phone waiting for someone to react because all i heard was noises as if the phone was in a pocket and they forgot to answer or named on injury.....but right before I am around to hang upward .....they ask me if they will talk to me they say my entire name and right when they said that it was a woman on the phone they hung upwards. i tried calling and nothing I'm so confused

By Ikenna Nebo 14 Jun 2016

Called Friday never left any message take it to be telemarketer. was blocked by call guardian from BTU phone.

By Chantea Bryant 22 Feb 2016

Incoming VIP through vixen SA

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    By Tracy Gibbs 10 Mar 2016

    received a call on my cell.


    By Alt Lindsey 24 Mar 2016

    pl let me know the name and address of owner of no


    By Margaret Schaab 18 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number. no express message left.


    By Jalacie Lisenby 13 Mar 2016

    we merely got a call from this amount.


    By James Morang 29 Apr 2016

    this company keeps calling from similar numbers. i now expect a telephone call every month or so. they have my first name but just an old address so at least they cant send me any of their ugly small pamphlets around investing in art or wine or whatever crap they're peddling.BR BR every time i say I'm not interested. occasionally he says i have been rude for telling him that and not to call again. yeah whatever mate.BR BR its consistently the same bloke calling or else sounds very cockney similar. he lies every time saying he has never phoned before and there must be another business calling me. but i understand it is him because a i am not ignorant b his company name is exactly the same c i recognize his express d he uses the same script every time.BR BR they're a right pain in the .


    By Bittenbender Christin 15 Jan 2016



    By Deborah Rhomberg 06 Apr 2016

    this is as am telephone no


    By Yolanda Warren 21 Apr 2016

    unsolicited and unknown


    By Reinaldo Ramos jr 31 Mar 2016

    i need to purchase her camera Nikon DH give me AC no..so i want to know this amount matching or not with her register sum card..i fearful he liar


    By Vydreon Rich 07 Apr 2016

    want to understand what business this number belong to..

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