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By Sabra Sellers 19 May 2016


By Is a bitch Your mama 30 Apr 2016

This owner amount liar because he take my moneybag only wanna understand he group where he live

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    By Michalena Icklan 02 Jul 2016

    they send me MSG that i won a big prize but they never answer


    By Latisha Ivy 15 May 2016

    i have a cell telephone with the prefix . in the previous week i have gotten three calls from clearly spoofed Numbers BR BR BR all area codes are within my state Louisiana. the caller left a recorded voice mail saying this is your final notice. please press to discuss to a live operator around your interest rate or press to discontinue further notices. have a great day. yeah right. clever. by spoofing different numbers a hunt on a site enjoy this wont turn upward the amount. be wary of a caller with a amount similar to yours and there is a particular additional hot set inside hell for the ones who spoof my own amount. I have had those overly.


    By Bill Ishmael 04 Jun 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Cazatra Cain 03 May 2016

    no messages was left.


    By Jason Lobaito 06 Jul 2016

    had a call from these folks said they were national key point go ogled it and all i got was this.. picture result for national key pointer the national key points act action no. of is an act of the parliament of south Africa that provides for the declaration and protection of sites of national strategic value against sabotage as determined by the minister of police previously known as the minister for security and security since ...BR national essential points action Wikipedia the free ...BR a .Wikipedia.


    By ramgirl3 verizon.net Denise 15 Jun 2016

    i am currently sending you this message from my room within the hospital. i am very sick and my doctors have been stopping me from using the computer and i would be desire you to contact my attorney she will educate you on what to can. contact her with the below details i merely told the lawyer about you. etc etc


    By Alma Creigh 01 May 2016

    merely desire to know


    By Pn Nicholas 14 Mar 2016

    BR BR rescind named from this number . music playing back side BR after that search on true caller BR it shown that this amount belongs to Serbia .... BR BR fake caller ...


    By Jason Supino 02 May 2016

    i simply got a call from this telephone number.


    By Anatoly Goldenshteyn 04 Jan 2016

    just got a call from this amount dint know who it's dint understand anyone in London didn't response it.

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