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By Daniela Reyes 15 Mar 2016

Calling repeatedly

By VINT GIBBS 12 Jan 2016

Hi Lynn I'm your worst nightmare.

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    By Karin Finnegan 23 Jun 2016

    i must have blocked them inside the past as it didn't even ring this time but i recognize the number as Abel and Cole. i suppose they were going to offer me some olive oil or a bottle of wine for becoming back on veg box deliveries as that's usually why they ring .


    By Talbert Deborah 15 Apr 2016

    keep getting calls from this number


    By Aj Demers 02 Jun 2016

    named my cell phone.


    By Ken Marlin 06 Jun 2016

    this number calls me every day.


    By mary klasek 07 Jul 2016

    no reply when phoned back


    By Fair Isaac 14 Jun 2016

    so way calls today from strongly accented Asian representatives calling from international services asking me to verify my name post code and no doubt lots of other tips... really insistent and will not tell me why they desire this info or how they obtained my information.BR this sort of call can be really intimidating for more vulnerable people and tremendously annoying for the rest of us.BR my advice isn't to affirm any information and to press them for exactly why they need the advice...BR or simply block the amount if you have that facility on your phone trouble is they just change numbers...BR unable to share with you what i actually think about these folks as poor language frowned upon on this newsgroup.BR BR whilst typing this entry i have had more calls from these beds total of filth and threats an oops threes another one dropped call this time..BR BR my suggestion any one reading this contact your mp about this scourge if enough of us can this maybe they will have to would something about it...BR BR and another...BR BR Meredith john


    By Elaine Hedin 13 May 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Juan Rojo 15 Jun 2016

    quit spamming


    By suzanne rau 14 Jun 2016

    i desire to know about his name


    By Dolores Stoltenberg 02 Jul 2016

    young man with hefty Indian kind emphasis claiming to be from windows service center and claiming they've been receiving blunder messages from my computer which is within risk of crashing at any minute but they could help me repair it.BR i did not work with any of his requests and am just reporting the phone number as scummier

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