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By Daniela Reyes 15 Mar 2016

Calling repeatedly

By VINT GIBBS 12 Jan 2016

Hi Lynn I'm your worst nightmare.

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    By Diana Stewart 07 Jun 2016

    i got a call from this amount didn't leave a message. named back no answer or answer phone. doggier watch out


    By Thomas L Jefferson Jr 03 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling me times a day every day. it's a weird prefix


    By Teresa Richter 06 Feb 2016

    desire to know who belongs to this none no.


    By MADIE GUSTAFSON 16 Jun 2016

    got a missed call from this number. any idea who is this


    By Necole Quinn 20 Feb 2016

    have had several calls from this amount whenever i response they hang upwards. why call to just hang upward on you when you response.BR BR if it is my ob around subscription i would actually like to discuss to them but it appears they re merely intent on prank calling.


    By Earl Sheppard 17 Jun 2016

    recorded message only said goodbye.


    By VERONICA CLARK 15 Apr 2016

    apex debt group agency


    By Harold Eaton 09 May 2016

    this isn't truly a Warwick acreage line but one of the block starting allocated to Cambridge communications small.BR BR simply being a pedant on top of a soapbox here. i am not the just one to sound off about Cambridge com ms.BR i get very few nuisance call attempts this week but as customary the expire hoards are nearly all nuisance call nests who rent services from a pox on the entire UK that's Cambridge communications small.BR Cambridge dilemma wordy rhetoric that of com should thin more towards open competition do this and that create life simple for them by allowing them to take upward as small as telephone numbers per each std code. if they succeed on that problem it will be harder for the public to application their own personal gear to block just Cambridge numbers for the major std codes.BR i wonder if CPR telephone blockers use a to exclude incoming calls from all Cambridge numbers.


    By Dave Humen 20 Mar 2016

    got a call from this amount.


    By Paul Vint 23 Jun 2016

    silent call

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