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By Tanya Gleason 02 Jan 2016

Another unknown number

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    By maxine jones 21 Feb 2016

    luckily we were outside when they rang we just discovered it by BR BR usually i inquire them where they got not just my amount but additionally my name sometimes people enjoy this let it slip that it was an automatic computer amount but that does not ring true if they know your name. we mus tn t let these people conquer us.BR i lately had three calls around a couple of days from some Eco business telling me around energy saving and their solar panels. i lie and tell them I have got them already my brothers inside the commerce Dobro BR occasionally i only tell them to shove it or say I have got to go and turn away something on the hob and dint go back.BR BR he res another one how about telling the next man who rings you unsolicited that you dint live there you are a burglar or you are clearing outside a deceased persons house but would adore to talk to them later give them your residence amount which is of class ha ha ha


    By Amber Saleno 25 Jun 2016



    By Jillian lesleyann Mcadoo 09 Jul 2016

    recd two missed calls from this . i called the number back. robot offered an alternative to be placed on a do not call list.


    By Charles Coogler 13 Jul 2016

    had the same thing i wouldn't be as polite as you though the individual is an idiot


    By Terri Mohacsi 18 Jun 2016

    when i called the number back they identified themselves as the IRS. i asked them for their d.c. address and he could not come upwards with it. the individual who replied was a man with an Indian accent.


    By Isaias Soriano 25 Feb 2016

    got a phone call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Heather Broker 31 May 2016

    same problems as well automated call asking me to press a but tong to talk to someone.BR a waste of time.


    By Pamela Sprott 22 Feb 2016

    for a small fee this company will lower all your credit card payments. but first would you have a credit card


    By P Tickner 13 Apr 2016



    By Brenda Muskovich 27 Feb 2016

    it's an office one caller told them preference website hung upward who are they

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