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By Tanya Gleason 02 Jan 2016

Another unknown number

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    By M Nyberg 04 Jan 2016

    chilly call from a business offering bargain breaks.


    By Bob Whitesides 26 Feb 2016

    who has this number


    By Darlene Braucks 16 May 2016

    simply got a call from this amount on my cell phone


    By Erin Perkey 13 Jun 2016

    I have been receiving calls from this number almost today for nearly a fortnight. i missed the first of these calls and named back but got replied by an automated message that said something i couldn't make outside i have hearing loss around me being chosen for something and the word charity unable to afford donating cash to charities at the minute I am unemployed I've been ignoring the calls but having been busy searching for work within aged attention i now stress that i might have burnt a bridge. any information


    By Jaswinder Narang 12 Jul 2016

    i named this amount back which puts you through to a express message .. advised that i dint need to do anything.. it afterward goes on to say that if you dint desire to receive anymore calls from this number and demand to remove your amount from their call list subsequently call another amount. i did not take the number down as i guess calling that amount comes at a really high price.. amount is from a finance company.


    By NIKKI REED 13 May 2016

    this number named this morning got about . this amount has rang before. when i rang it i additionally just a humming noise.


    By Robert Hanzer 11 Jul 2016

    merely had a call from this number female with a very powerful Indian sounding emphasis told me she was from discuss talk and that there were problems with my router because of a virus on my computer. she told me i needed to start my computer so they could mend it. i told her i dint have a computer or laptop and she hung upwards. waste of space.......


    By Toyah Jones 15 Apr 2016

    . this morning mum took call


    By Joanne Frecker 05 Apr 2016

    who calls from this number and what do they desire.


    By Sandra Jaikin 07 Mar 2016

    unknown number calling

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