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By Genevieve Banner 18 May 2016

Keep becoming nuisance texts

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    By Cornel Schuler 25 Apr 2016

    whose amount is this


    By Linda Trogdon 12 Jul 2016

    the caller left no voice message.


    By Jessie Manley 18 Apr 2016

    left no message on machine.


    By Jill Herwig 10 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Leland Dickens 26 May 2016

    the amount is allocated to core talcum small. a .Gretel.co.Akbar BR nothing located about that specific number except that all numbers are premium speed and that they're broadly located for sale.BR BR might be worth asking the company that billed you to tell you who or what the amount is.


    By David Smart 14 Jun 2016

    it appears to be a legal scam define use on you to get you to use upwards your allowance. if you are abroad and send a message home define use of your texts to send the message from the phone to the message centre and of your texts to send from the message centre to the receiving telephone. check your bill and you will see both texts have the same time exactly. so unless you empower something enjoy define euro traveller which caps a bill at day plus your normal UK rate you finish upward paying international rates pt ext x for every text sent whilst abroad. even if it's just a text to a teammate who is on the coach you are on so beware and check carefully before you go and take euro traveller away your account when you get dwelling.BR BR and assess you bills to make sure it did get removed


    By Caroline Goodly 08 Jul 2016

    i receive two phone calls from this number merely want to know who is calling.


    By Heath Buczek 15 Apr 2016

    does anyone know who calls from this phone amount.


    By Elizabeth Gerber 17 Apr 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Pradeep Singh 11 Jan 2016

    said they were a pension review service subsequently wanted all my private details dob Ni number etc refused to give them out they passed me from one rep to another utter con hung up.....

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