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By Genevieve Banner 18 May 2016

Keep becoming nuisance texts

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    By Ted Gutsche 08 Feb 2016



    By Shirley Balch 06 Mar 2016

    i also had that contact about tumble driers though i have not had one since . apparently the recall affects washing machines with drying facilities though that is way from clear from the first info.


    By Russell Needles 08 May 2016

    the first time i answered this call i was asked about a car injury i apparently had. i explained that BR a. i don't drive.BR b. i have never owned a auto.BR c. yes there was a member of my family who had an accident. this was my husband who committed suicide within his auto.BR i requested that they quit calling me as this was quite upsetting. they're still calling me just i do not reply. they call about every minutes. upwards to this latest episode has lasted approximately weeks. i have been reduced to unpacking my means that my family and friends cannot contact me.


    By David a Violet 22 Jun 2016

    some inconsiderate individual or company woke me at .am on Monday morning from this amount but they had rung off by the time i got downstairs it made me feel ill and worried as i have my mum with early dementia and i thought it may have been her. its clearly from abroad . idiots


    By Edward Kiehl 17 Jun 2016

    this amount called and when it went through to my reply machine they put their telephone down


    By Joshua Washinton 05 Jun 2016

    attempting to find out who calls from this number.


    By Angelika Surmaczewska 22 Mar 2016

    hulk will destroy all you odd folks BR Steve i like


    By Peggy Woody 23 Apr 2016

    lambada disconcert Si me peen Adar para saber Eli hombre Del proprietary


    By Sdsd Ssds 19 Jun 2016

    this is the same computer voice reading the same script with the same lost words on my voice mail since early November . it's a scam the IRS doesn't contact you via telephone until considerably after into a case and even afterward just if you've allowed them to do so.


    By Trevor Pitts 09 Apr 2016

    i desire to know who is this

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