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By Melissa Lafrance 30 Apr 2016

Telephone call

By Susan Pendergrass 04 Jan 2016

Just got a call from these guys something about energy and wanted to understand kind of house... i inquired them to take me away their calling list he claimed it wasn't something he could do... so told him he was a scummier and hung up.

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    By DEB HOLLEN 31 May 2016

    dpt call Dr amount Ni. ta pi tack angst Sb telephone ting gal kt rum ah. Ada SAP tau Ni call Dr men


    By Virginia Mcmurtrey 08 Jul 2016

    from Cameroon i get this call once a day.


    By Emmanuel Epie 07 May 2016

    no messages


    By Barbara Djunhter 30 Mar 2016



    By Mark Mashewske 09 Jun 2016

    they named me but left no message.


    By Lelis Torres 04 Jun 2016



    By Margaret Pierce 27 May 2016



    By Marina Shimarov 30 Jun 2016

    according to the white pages site is residential and registered to a Royce Bernard Seattle circa . of course that amount may have altered hands since however complaints against it range back to at least .BR BR other websites credit this telephone amount to a business called Ci with a place within Seattle. the Ci website states that it specializes inside phone survey conformity. Ci claims to run surveys for the CDC and state departments of health. perhaps Ci farms out its phone work to individual contractors working in house but i dint understand that to be fact.BR BR i have received numerous call hangups from this amount in improvement to messages stating the caller is calling to take a survey on behalf of the WA dept of health. the calls are annoying though likely legal. but the way in which they're made might climb to the amount of harassment. when i receive my cell telephone bill ill definitely pursue such an allegation.


    By Camisha Hutchins 01 Jun 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By elton ribeiro 22 Mar 2016


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