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By Melissa Lafrance 30 Apr 2016

Telephone call

By Susan Pendergrass 04 Jan 2016

Just got a call from these guys something about energy and wanted to understand kind of house... i inquired them to take me away their calling list he claimed it wasn't something he could do... so told him he was a scummier and hung up.

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    By Tracy Vanvorst 27 Apr 2016

    quiet on the line.


    By David Cull 07 Apr 2016

    looks to be a scam. English with an Indian accent. they claim to be from Microsoft saying your PC they know the id amount and your phone number is infected by a virus which has not been detected by any anti virus program. subsequently they inquire you to assess if the id number they give you is matched with the id of you PC via the assoc order in the command prompt.


    By David Dettman 25 Apr 2016

    on my talk discuss property line bill it's charged me . for a minute call to this number with destination SC we didn't create this call so unclear what it's


    By Thomas Mckewen 09 Jun 2016

    they only named me.


    By Debbie Frensley 08 Jun 2016

    times a day they ring me


    By William Martynes 23 Feb 2016

    simply had a call from this number when it was answered they just hung up becoming more and more of these calls these days not worthwhile having a acreage line for idiots enjoy this to ring and say nothing


    By Bernice Ishort 17 Mar 2016

    holler ab


    By HEATHER BAUER 14 Jun 2016

    i have popular missed call from this number


    By Sid Lujano 03 Jun 2016

    no message simply hangup.


    By Kory Liss 24 Feb 2016

    this amount keeps calling me at all hours even the middle of the nighttime had a dodgy text message overly when i replied inquired if i desired to purchase a washing machine the text it left an Meiji blowing kisses so didn't appear enjoy a call from a company cant block the amount and is also now calling my house fine number which i infrequently give out to anyone so I am confused

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