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By Marshawn Boler 11 May 2016

Any ideas who this might be

By Aaron Haworth 05 Feb 2016

They call two times within a row every couple days...do not leave message. BR BR BR BR

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    By Todd Sturner 05 Jun 2016

    missed a call


    By Jean Lahatte 10 Jul 2016

    no message left.


    By Harley Munson 29 Feb 2016

    hi Hasbro BR i simply received this call and i was scared to departure .yet when the man said not to tell anyone about this subsequently i comprehended it could be a possible spam .please beware of this .the man who called said that he was calling from UK and even gave his reg number October please beware guys .


    By Gwyn Pitts 07 May 2016

    someone from this company named my husband yesterday Th stating they could offer us this appliance to alleviate calls from abroad and that they were a subsidiary of another business that my husband has dealt with. having named our company now we've found outside that this was a lie. have managed to talk to our bank and they assured us that no amount has however been claimed and place a quit on debit card so that no money can now be taken.BR not saying this business is a scam but that they're using advice from other companies to create cash.BR the magic carton this company was offering is indistinguishable to the one we already have.BR as they knew the first digits on my husband card where did they get the tips from.BR perhaps somebody miserable about their business and has decided to set up company on there own.


    By Harold Kingsberg 05 Mar 2016

    who calls me


    By Bithi Adhikari 18 Jun 2016

    female calling at night


    By Pauline Cisneros 23 Jun 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Joel Kloiber 10 Jun 2016

    foolishly clicked on a link regarding Loyd's bank accounts had a call from a London number told them i wasn't interested. started getting multiple calls from this amount the first time i answered i had a recorded message saying they were the claims guys and giving me a amount to call to cease them calling the number wasn't repeated and i dint carry a pencil everywhere had more calls so phoned them back asking where they got my number they said it was because id shown an interest within making a claim i told them i had already spoken to that business and requested that i had no more calls they afterward proceeded to inquire me around poi claims i replied i hadn't had poi and wasn't interested so i would like them to remove my number they afterward started asking me if id had a mortgage i replied i wasn't interested and that i desired them to remove me from their call list. this is seemingly going to be done.


    By Elaisha Alston 02 Jul 2016

    could you guys find out the name of this guy he called me days ago and said stuff about that he knew. this has to be a prank call


    By Lorenia Adams 06 Jul 2016

    hey called and hung upwards when i picked upwards the phone and additionally it said on my screen fort rose

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