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By Marian Jeffery 08 Apr 2016

Got a call from and was told my computer was being hacked. he claimed to be calling from Microsoft. the trouble is i dint have my computer at this time.

By Sandra Goytia 20 Jan 2016

Collection representative for la shortness gym

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    By Glenn Krugle 14 Apr 2016

    called and hung upwards without a word.


    By anthony riley 02 Apr 2016

    call from a lady purporting to call from global venture japan. very poor line but asking around Mapplethorpe shares that i no longer own. i consistently get calls around these shares. she gave up when i told her i didn't own any shares.


    By Dirgham Dirgham 01 Jul 2016

    me Cameron ha yer a la h DE la madrigal. no lo cog me pares mu taro


    By Coletta Quinn 18 Apr 2016

    yes of class you are Daniel. idiot.


    By Eddyberto Garcia 23 Mar 2016

    these numbers are from arc retrieval who say they are a high court recovery agency. the debt they chased me on was around years old and passed the point that it could be legally collected by the regular procedures.BR I'm guessing they buy up old debts that are close to the finish of the year period and get them inexpensive for about p on or less.BR BR its an Indian call centre too i told them i passed the debt details to my solicitor and they left me alone after that.BR BR they have a whole selection of numbers that look like cell numbers to find you outside.BR BR a pretty dodgy business in my own expertise the procedures they use are borderline illegal and most of the stuff they tell you is BS.


    By Marianne Mathies 30 Jun 2016

    calls cell phone


    By Melissa Armiger 09 Feb 2016

    i called you but it didn't connect please contact me through my email .com i have an urgent company trade that can benefit us am waiting for your email prof Dr IRS Muller


    By Bec Ronai 24 Mar 2016

    if a amount calls you BR that's the authorities calling yob i have Lent in school and from my father that's a police officer that a amount is the authorities stationary he calls my cell many times and it shows upwards as s


    By Paula Fukutomi 06 Jul 2016

    multiple calls from this number.


    By Marina liza Del rosario 04 Feb 2016

    unbent Arnulfo inserts unlit Ind undershot.

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