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By Austin Leners 23 Jun 2016

Been calling my entire company one after the other this afternoon

By Gina Abitz 23 May 2016


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    By Rhonda Scales 10 Feb 2016

    i received a call from this amount the day before the welsh construction elections. the woman said she was from the welsh conservatives and was doing a fast survey. i politely said i dint need to can a survey thank you afterward there was quiet. i said hello and she hung upwards how rude i dint think they ll win many votes with that behaviour


    By Marva Skinner 12 Jul 2016

    Apple publicity non sol licit en provenance DE stranger pour proposer UN liken telephonic reassignments pour dies re traits etc. etc. la premiere chose Que Patrice demand est DE Savior Si on est re characteristic...


    By Deanna Baggerly 03 Jul 2016

    yes it's Lyons Davidson they will generally leave a express mail if you have yours set up. they also work for a range of car insurance companies so could be calling if you are making a promise.


    By White Heike 15 Jun 2016

    any idea who could call from this telephone amount.


    By ljcarli aol.com Larry 14 Apr 2016

    who are you


    By Carole Filyaw 10 Jun 2016

    keeps calling no one there


    By Ricardo F. de los santos 10 Jul 2016

    this caller talking around wage garnishment case amount MHz


    By Danny Hemmert 25 May 2016

    equilibrium Yoda rake to call Legree or zing or fine or bobolink k amount SE warps call Keri sager


    By Ron Harshman 15 Jun 2016

    according to our incoming call log we received a call from an digit phone amount on at pm the CAM read as Calif st auto a.


    By Evelyn Herrera 08 May 2016

    caller claimed i was due a refund under poi but i was suspect as i could not comprehend how they had obtained by mobile amount which i have had for just a few moths and have infrequently given outside.

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