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By Danny Valdes 19 Mar 2016

Named told the customary bull not a sales call to which i replied of class its not a sales call odd that as they are telecommunications company gave the generic e mail have now had four further calls no doubt to place me strait on my lack of admiration for these young sales men dint i understand my set oh yes within the kitchen making a sandwich.

By Gail Rymar 24 Jan 2016

Sounded enjoy a VIP call. hefty emphasis. claims he is driving.

By Jeff Horoff 20 Jan 2016

Who are you or maybe someone understand what the amount came from CZ I am tired. i cant understand what they re saying and i want to know WHO's messing with me and from where so i may have the same pleasure with them.. Ty for all the info's

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    By Muslim Clark 18 Apr 2016

    the above amount is making hundreds of calls from i have not made. BTU phone company isn't helping.


    By Nicole Craw 20 Jun 2016

    got a call as Daniel answered it i kept on asking who was calling no answer and after around seconds phone went dead.BR suppose telemarketer. now blocked.


    By Lizzie Wheeler 19 Jun 2016

    received a call on acreage line.


    By Melissa Huson 10 Jul 2016

    received an Sims from this number


    By Lorna Ardito 04 Apr 2016

    this number calls me every morning between and i have given up answering as there's a long delay and chatter from a call centre then a very greatly accented female tells me she is not selling anything......so i politely said I'm busy and put the phone down.


    By Molly Elmer 30 Apr 2016

    no message only hangup.


    By Regina m Buchik 13 Jun 2016



    By James Salzar 08 Jun 2016

    call today from this number but luckily call checker prevented link. this is a new number


    By Charlie Tysinger 15 Jun 2016

    does not leave a message


    By Charlene Blaisdell 04 Apr 2016

    got a phone call from this number. the caller left no express message.

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