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By Danny Valdes 19 Mar 2016

Named told the customary bull not a sales call to which i replied of class its not a sales call odd that as they are telecommunications company gave the generic e mail have now had four further calls no doubt to place me strait on my lack of admiration for these young sales men dint i understand my set oh yes within the kitchen making a sandwich.

By Gail Rymar 24 Jan 2016

Sounded enjoy a VIP call. hefty emphasis. claims he is driving.

By Jeff Horoff 20 Jan 2016

Who are you or maybe someone understand what the amount came from CZ I am tired. i cant understand what they re saying and i want to know WHO's messing with me and from where so i may have the same pleasure with them.. Ty for all the info's

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    By Arthur Barkman 04 Mar 2016

    unknown replied but would not say who wear


    By Erica Spaight 27 Jan 2016

    now using . when i inquired for their amount i was told it was a protocol matter and place me on hold. needless to say i did not wait...as i might be paying for the call


    By Veretica Young 16 May 2016

    at . on Friday may i received a pare recorded phone call on my property line purporting to be from some HS department saying a member of your family has been identified as being liable for disease.........and you may be given an injection to protect that member.BR without authority from that member of my family such calls should transmitted down my phone.BR if the specific member does not desire his her medical standing revealed afterward this is an intrusion of seclusion if some by else in the family response that call.BR such calls should be from a live man so that authentication will be proved.


    By Anthony Sjodahl 09 May 2016

    who could it be


    By Rachel Coddington 30 May 2016

    Leo Vegas gambling


    By Barbara Mouzin 25 May 2016

    please locate above number


    By Kiara Woods 09 Jan 2016

    i got one this morning at sh. no notion who it was. all i got inside voice email was a unexpected male laugh.


    By Tyana Vanover 03 Jul 2016

    the numbers inside the range have never been issued by of com for general use but are reserved for TV and drama. scampers are using numbers from xxx upwards for various scams as its fake block it if you could.


    By David Stodghill 28 Jun 2016

    i want to understand who use this number because it calls me yesterday


    By Ellen Donlin 18 May 2016

    got a phone call from this amount. no express message left.

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