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By Di Salvo 10 Jun 2016

My experience within the last couple of days is just the same as Marie's but having read such excellent remarks on forums such as this gave them brief transfer. i did not have to hang up as the youthful woman on the other end named me a rude guy and hung up...result. it actually is a shame we cannot get the UPS traced back and reported to FAA or other bodies to get them questioned more closely before they move onto their next scam.

By Shanta Martin 10 Mar 2016


By Delores Fiscus 26 Jan 2016


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    By Donna Cassaday 11 Feb 2016

    call once and never again


    By jodie cutler 04 May 2016

    calls upwards to x a day starting at am


    By B Leissner 24 May 2016

    keep calling but not speaking its the same amount other folks have place how can i stop this its annoying.


    By Judi Hume 17 Feb 2016

    exactly why am i being named from this number


    By Adrienne Martland 24 Jun 2016

    who is the owner


    By Alana Even 01 Apr 2016

    who owns the number


    By Ewa Kusmierz 11 May 2016

    the caller hung up


    By Richard Harp 29 Feb 2016

    would like to understand who is that


    By Celso Carvalho 06 Feb 2016



    By Sharon Fawns 25 Apr 2016

    just been named times and messages from wanting me to call the above number that i had an unpaid bill from BTU and if i didn't need my telephone service disrupted subsequently i must pay online or on this amount.. i think it is a scam. i do not have an account with BTU anyway for a few years. phoned upwards BTU and they have no record of having called me and confirmed i hadn't got an outstanding bill with them. simply gave the girl an earful so hopefully will not get a duplicate of this. if they call back i will string them along a bit for fun. i dint know how they get bats number and use it though.

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