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By Carmen Mettler 27 May 2016

Have been inundated with prank calls from this number this day occasionally two a minute even four calls within a few minutes. they left one voice email that sounded like a couple of ugly mouthed girls locating it hilarious. not hilarious. its harassing and is disturbing myself and others in my own open strategy office. if this continues i will report this to their cellular telephone supplier.

By Keena Rivers 18 May 2016

Received a call this morning.

By Nancy Mata 04 Mar 2016

Called my house phone early on a Monday morning but did not leave a message. Argo ... despise becoming woke upwards early on my day away by a jerk spammer scanner who hangs upward without leaving a message. i used my cell telephone to call the number but got an answering machine of course. it said ... thank you for calling ... your call is very important to us. to speak to a representative press to have your number removed from our database press . i did neither and hung up. ugh ... i wish there was a way to stop the a hole companies who intrude on peoples lives enjoy this day inside and day outside. i despise them

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    By chris daignault 11 Jul 2016

    keep away from these folks they sucks your blood..


    By Terri Kunz 20 Jun 2016

    thanks.IT comb rite.


    By Cassondra Shaheed 18 Mar 2016

    no message left


    By Tanya Mahre 03 Jul 2016

    this company calls says you were included in a auto accident and afterward asks is this correct. they don't understand the significance of cease phoning i have now lost count of the amount of times that they have phoned. do not give any private advice to them better still dint response there amount.


    By Donna Stine 10 Mar 2016

    number rang and i hung upward then rang again and named me a daft old woman. have had five calls from this amount in twelve hours


    By Bart Draper 06 Feb 2016

    got a call from saying they knew i was having broadband connection problems. think this is a scam and place the telephone down. anyone know whats going on


    By Candace Shows 30 May 2016

    called me at work.


    By Rob Kesler 07 May 2016



    By Siegfried Johnson 01 Jul 2016

    who named me from where


    By Rhochel Edwards 09 Jul 2016

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