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By Carmen Mettler 27 May 2016

Have been inundated with prank calls from this number this day occasionally two a minute even four calls within a few minutes. they left one voice email that sounded like a couple of ugly mouthed girls locating it hilarious. not hilarious. its harassing and is disturbing myself and others in my own open strategy office. if this continues i will report this to their cellular telephone supplier.

By Keena Rivers 18 May 2016

Received a call this morning.

By Nancy Mata 04 Mar 2016

Called my house phone early on a Monday morning but did not leave a message. Argo ... despise becoming woke upwards early on my day away by a jerk spammer scanner who hangs upward without leaving a message. i used my cell telephone to call the number but got an answering machine of course. it said ... thank you for calling ... your call is very important to us. to speak to a representative press to have your number removed from our database press . i did neither and hung up. ugh ... i wish there was a way to stop the a hole companies who intrude on peoples lives enjoy this day inside and day outside. i despise them

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    By H.keith Watts 09 Jul 2016

    this amount calls or times a day and hangs up ha vent a clue as to who it's


    By Domingo Tognoni 22 Jun 2016

    called me on my cellular telephone number. did not leave a message.


    By Lynn Gerdes 13 Jul 2016

    who is this


    By Susan Kwedor 24 Jun 2016

    another call from this number first one came about a month past. no message left.


    By Sarah Svoboda 19 May 2016

    clearly Diana rajah tidier yid Harris Adela Orange yang Samar tau beakers Duncan derange lo ls.BR BR anyway minutes ta Huang merman ta pi genial Nehemiah Dan bedpan. yang Bhutan MGM and minibar Huang. so Samar Samar genial Bering


    By michael humphrey 13 May 2016

    woke me upwards at . am Monday then they called back at am and when you ans were the call they hang upward


    By Sandra Gluesing 24 May 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this amount no response and no message.


    By Adam Struthers 19 May 2016

    had two calls now no one on the finish of the phone. attempted calling back simply get an engaged sound


    By Syble Carter 07 Jun 2016

    this is Atlantic multimedia. they're a real business that sets upwards promotion for bride magazine amp perhaps others. i did take outside an advert with them last year for the CD ROM attached to the magazine but it was horrendously pricey and brought me no clients at all i tried to cancel the advertising before it went to generation but they said it was overly late and i had to go forward. they did accept my payments within installments though. BR BR they keep phoning to offer me the same CD ROM for next year but i told the sales girl it was a waste of time and inquired her to take my details away their lists as id never would it again. she agreed but that was this morning and the same girl has phoned me three times since BR BR if you have a small advertising budget dint even consider this type of deal even though the national coverage part sounds good you ll be wasting your money.


    By James Angove 25 May 2016

    received many calls every day. never leaves a message.

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