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By Mohamma Adrees 30 Jun 2016


By Jaclyn Noto 28 Jan 2016

Some voice activated message saying there from my union amusing i dint go to a union. when are these jokers going to get sorted outside. they have phoned at least times now and i am ex directory.

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    By Dorca Batista 15 May 2016

    no one responded.


    By Brittany Ledesma 10 Jun 2016

    repeated calls


    By Falefoa Pulega 31 May 2016

    call from not ts uni medical centre


    By Najia Jeddi 03 Jul 2016

    if you dint have any acutest with eon they will attempt to offer you to use for insurance credit card etc.. if you have the loan n missed the payment they will call you times a day.. even weekends..even you always pay your loan on time they will call you to remind that they will deduct cash from your AC and pals standby the cash this much n Bela Bela Bela.. or amount times they call and didn't talk truly they only desire to boost out their discuss time as telesales agent


    By Mark Bourdeau 30 Mar 2016

    my mobile doesn't ring but i get notification of a express email. a prerecorded message asks me to call BR BR dint understand who it is or why they desire me to call them.BR BR if they want to discuss to me exactly why not just call instead than leave a message


    By kelly carter 13 Jul 2016

    exactly why you call me


    By Jack Mainville 10 Apr 2016

    fill question on web now call times a day so blocked amount .when i reply know one there


    By Stanley Belza 02 Jul 2016

    rang with swearing on it only


    By Cynthia Pedrasa 23 Apr 2016

    I've simply had this number call me additionally bad connection wont be answering again


    By Deb Kinzer 07 Jun 2016

    dead air

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