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By Mohamma Adrees 30 Jun 2016


By Jaclyn Noto 28 Jan 2016

Some voice activated message saying there from my union amusing i dint go to a union. when are these jokers going to get sorted outside. they have phoned at least times now and i am ex directory.

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    By Sowmya Gana 27 Apr 2016

    the caller was rude and swearing at my pal Brian and his girlfriend sis.


    By Elizabeth Stubby 03 May 2016

    i too am becoming several calls each day from this number. i live within wales so if i inadvertently response the call instead of letting it go i speak welsh to the caller and fake i dint talk English....


    By Thonia Knotts 02 Apr 2016

    dismay business working for retail society.... not great at


    By Miguel Esquibel 17 Feb 2016

    this number twice now can these calls be stopped.


    By Marie Torrell 08 May 2016

    i have contacted Halifax fraud team to have the amount blocked


    By Madelyn Rosenberg 14 Jun 2016

    i keep getting calls from this . no one is on the other end and it's becoming quite annoying.


    By Denis Ingebrigtsen 06 Jun 2016

    called this morning.


    By Kennett Gowdy 30 May 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this number no reply and no message.


    By macky0913 hotmail.com Michelle 13 Feb 2016

    i got a missed call from


    By Betty Smithers 10 Jun 2016

    this amount has been ringing me all day. i dint even bank with the Halifax

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