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By Christopher Boale 24 Apr 2016

Who is this

By Lorenz Womack Iii 04 Mar 2016

Difficulty with your router assumed to be from discuss talk scam

By Stephani Harper 03 Jan 2016

Not striving to sell me anything other than a new fiscal product with a guaranteed return. the caller was not going to sell you anything but will get his line supervisor to give you a ring

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    By Tashelle Campbell 13 Jun 2016

    they only named me. did not leave any voice message.


    By Olivia Florentine 25 Apr 2016

    got a call from this number.


    By Bahman Hemmat 25 Jun 2016



    By Brian Musolin 20 May 2016

    text me saying hi no idea who it's.


    By Cassandra Cassey 09 Apr 2016

    I'm getting calls from this amount.


    By Janet Berlan 22 Feb 2016



    By Fritz Ditsch 17 Jun 2016

    keeps calling my amount.


    By Heather Schminke 29 Jun 2016

    keep getting calls from a man about consumers outfits i put on gum tree but he is using so many distinct number. kinda freaking me out


    By Jayne Page 22 Feb 2016

    my associate received a text message this day at from someones cellular telephone which reads as follows the banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged bank accounts. for your refund click a .people.coma or stipend. banks dint send text messages without asking you if you desire them to text you. so my partner wants to know how this individual got his cellular telephone number as I have checked for him on his benefit on the Google hunt bar. it lists just one person named Cheri fording inside south Stafford. please will you help to end these messages thank you.


    By Paula Alligood 27 Jun 2016

    had calls from i dint reply they dint leave a message.BR i suppose scampers or the yd leave some sort of message rather than hanging up silently when reply machine picks upward.BR likely an vehicle dallier as my number is ex directory.

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