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By Mark Breitenstein 09 May 2016

I had the same difficulty and shifted the settings on my messages to off and added the amount to blocked contacts. i had about texts with similar stuff all a load of codes not sure if i will be charged for them i will call o to ensure that i am not charged.

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    By Frederick Lewenczuk 24 Jun 2016

    who is he or she


    By Cody Taylor 22 May 2016



    By Lindsay Terzich 12 May 2016

    who rang me and does not answer when i speak


    By Sampe Khouvilay 05 May 2016

    APR pm recorded female voice this is your second and closing offer to lower your credit card debt . . . .


    By Laurence Ruest 26 Jun 2016

    makes call to understand phone numbers of my higher ups


    By Billie Turnley 07 Mar 2016

    merely named our company yet again. that makes call amount they keep calling asking for the individual who handles our credit card processing for our business. since we use square we've no need for what they're offering. the majority of our sales are paid via either private check or cash so having an actual machine and paying a monthly fee to some company makes no fiscal sense. we politely informed them of this and though they kept chugging along with their small monkey with a script spiel. since we record all incoming calls and we informed the caller of that a copy of the call is going to be supplied directly to the FCC.gov as well as to the Louisiana attorney generals office. the small monkey with a script was extremely rude refused to remove our number from their call list and told us to go f ourselves. yes i sincerely believe that we will be reporting this company.


    By James Carmalt 05 Apr 2016

    received a phone call. no message left.


    By Travis Strobl 01 Jul 2016

    keep phoning to inquire me a few questions for market research get shirty when i say i dint want any unsolicited calls.


    By Doris Hirschfeld 26 Mar 2016

    called this morning.


    By Denia Best 28 Apr 2016

    got a call this morning.

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