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By Jason Pacino 05 May 2016

Miss called

By Tahj Latney 18 Feb 2016

Calls several times a day never leaves message.

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    By Beverly joyce Tolbert 28 May 2016

    he as dun the same but his girlfriend was my finest mate and shes stood by and let him rend me off and they both new this was my kids money and they took it iv got all the proof that hes ad my cash and so much more but that man as no shame and is Avon another kid with my ex best mate he ant got no companies within London or Scotland and isn't allowed to see his other kid he clams to av and my ex greatest mates been with him nearly two yrs and as never met him that says sum it not right and she found Davids arrival certificate and hes lying around his age so if he cant rend off his girlfriends best mate that says it all


    By Haxhera Saliu 02 Mar 2016

    id Kingston jumbo am ct usable did not reply.BR Jamaica


    By Alfred Sitarski 29 May 2016

    named rings no one on other end


    By Albert Mismas 22 Feb 2016

    the caller left a message on my voice mail.... barely. talking in the background and the caller asked excuse me. may we get some fresh towels yeah real professional.


    By John Warkala 27 Apr 2016

    missed a call


    By Adrienne Loehle 05 May 2016

    no idea


    By Jim & lydia Soule 17 May 2016

    simply had a call from this number general home study he said i had a good rant and told the lowlife what i believed and to get a proper job etc.. he didn't appear to happy with that Min's work.


    By suad durakovic 19 Jun 2016

    i am becoming fed upwards with these calls.


    By Rusdy Rusdy 27 Apr 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Sabrina Pacholl 23 Jun 2016

    this amount has text me several times but when i call it back they hang up. will anyone tell me who this is please

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