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By Brandie Costner 21 Mar 2016

I want to know who call me

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    By Elizabeth Potvin 27 Apr 2016

    times today


    By Shirley Richoux 21 Mar 2016

    i have received a call from this amount nearly every nighttime for the last weeks. i never response but the next time i will response and locate out who this is.


    By Mr . leroy Clipps 04 Feb 2016

    got a call today. quite insistent they were not scampers. knew my name said i had owing to me. told them to contact my insurance company. they said the insurance business cant accept the money. very powerful accents Irish or something similar i believe. i believe they got excited when i inquired to talk to someone without an accent. likely thought they had me. guys name was Lima. refused to give me a surname. they truly did not hang upwards. will give them an a for attempt for trying so hard Bahama.


    By Tee Lewis 04 Feb 2016

    is this yet another cold caller


    By Korey Streater 28 Jan 2016

    unsolicited automated call offering unsolicited call blocking. if you are annoyed by unsolicited calls you certainly wont be buying anything offered by unsolicited calls. i propose that if anyone responsible for this intrusion reads this remark they should take themselves to the nearest milt storey auto park go to the cease floor look around the edge and if there is nobody below jump to their death.


    By Vernon Connally 29 Feb 2016

    has frequently text ed and called me ha vent got a clue who that is


    By D Gowdy 19 Apr 2016

    this amount just rang me and offered me a free iPad for being with define


    By J l Blount 03 Jul 2016

    i got the same today Th may this chap got agitated and asked to speak to my fin wife.


    By Irene Stout 30 Jun 2016

    anybody getting calls from this phone number


    By Gayanne Geurin-weiss 23 May 2016

    energy savings advice centre keep calling but refuse to remove our details from database.

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