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By Paul Gerow 10 Jun 2016

Needed seconds of my time from an Asian sounding express but saying they are not selling anything said no and place telephone down

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    By Patricia Petrillo 01 Jul 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Tadd Hajek 25 Apr 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Bob Sedgwick 21 Feb 2016

    regular calls from this odd number without any messages left. i suspect this is a VIP originated telephone number.


    By Brown Terry 18 Jun 2016

    edge talcum limited edge talcum UK Ltd theatre houseboy a high road Alhambra cerebra wt Hepburn BR telephone BR e email infidel.co.UK


    By Tami Shephard 13 May 2016

    if this is actually Homeric subsequently you are right nothing will stoop them. nevertheless have you thought of contacting them using a telephone number on their site and telling them that you are becoming calls for someone who isn't you


    By Ruth Hoots 28 May 2016

    i believe I've been scam ed by the same Indian individuals now they said i could have a loan just had to pay into a bank account which i had to borrow so i did it still not got my loan i rang them back and they said it will be there at o clock within the morning so just got to wait had anybody ever had a loan off them or us it a total scam somebody please help I am a mum and struggling simply need to know have i been ripped off or will i get it please write back i need advice what shall i do


    By Clint Langley 05 Jul 2016

    named me but when i named back it was unrecognized amount..


    By paul mozur 14 May 2016

    this sequence of seemingly central London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com could do about it. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. only discount. or better still response amp enjoy winding upwards Natasha or whatever else untrue name shes using


    By Kathy Barlow 26 Jun 2016

    anyone else getting calls from this number


    By Cheryl Mubarak 12 Apr 2016

    do not work for these gybe BR complete scam they create you work hours for a week wt done weeks with them and for what for hours.BR BR in the house they create us live in the team leader was smoking drugs and boasting about being done for kidnapping someone his name is junior. you will get told loads about him and how he is the top man there that's because he is a con artist and he showed me the way to bargain peoples bank details.BR BR also they withheld my pay so took me weeks to eventually get my money.BR BR i travelled from Scotland to London paid over in travel and got nothing back.BR BR i wish i could upload my payslip to show people all the deductions they made from my fundamental pay.BR BR i have written to the today email so hopefully they will name and shame them.BR BR help take this business down and spread the word.BR BR do not work for together fund raising

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