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By Paul Gerow 10 Jun 2016

Needed seconds of my time from an Asian sounding express but saying they are not selling anything said no and place telephone down

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    By Bijaunce Davis 31 May 2016

    attempting to find outside who calls from this telephone number.


    By Shirley Howton 19 May 2016

    all xxx numbers are fake because allowing to of com records they have never been released for use.


    By Sherre Moss 06 Jun 2016

    no SE DE quine es


    By Chun Lucken 22 May 2016



    By Timoire Eicheberger 02 May 2016

    yes indeed m.BR BR anonymous said the case raises difficult and significant issues arising from a novel statutory process of local power regulation.BR BR a department for company innovation amp skills spokesman said we have lodged an appeal.BR BR so there you have it BR BR good morning.


    By lester backus 24 Apr 2016

    i got a sexy call from this number


    By Debra Ehmann 16 Apr 2016

    dint understand WHO's calling


    By Lauri Vickerman 03 Jun 2016

    who is it


    By Nandan Vij 22 Jun 2016

    claimed to be named Harrington's a poi claiming business. I have had a call centre dallier that has been using my local prefix and it simply beeps times. if you look through my amount reviews i have revues similar calls beeping times and hanging upward. this seemed to be the same a computer generated call that hooked me to a tel advertising service or similar companies. what I am saying is if you here a individual answering a call enjoy this they ain't phoning you. they are becoming handed the call from a third party lead and amount generator so if your becoming the three beeps after calls your on that services list not the business talking to you.


    By Ryshelle Freeman 01 Jun 2016

    i am sure this is a hacker . calling and pretending is from NBS asking to confirm details of your account with him . to a coworker of mine it already happened and they stolen money from her account. and merely now they called me overly. i hang up on him obviously. be quite careful and dint give them or affirm with them any personal details

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