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By Kathryn Creasy 25 Jun 2016

Pus at Utopian bank racket shah Alma

By Annita Martin 19 May 2016

Found the amount on my caller id.

By Ampy Plasencio 14 Apr 2016


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    By Lizzetta Mccormick 23 Jan 2016

    only got a call from this mob on .BR BR Indian chap who advised that i had corrupt files on my PC and the situation could be drastic.BR BR seemingly not a virus but files which will ruin my PC.BR BR i inquired a few questions and it apparent that this is a scam and the man isn't that computer literate.BR BR he advised that it was a window issue and i told him i have a Mac. end of call


    By Arvelle Brooks 24 Apr 2016

    got a chilly call from a company calling itself apex equities a .apex equities.coma. they claim to have bought the Private customer department of Doyle Hutton associates DH and to help those who have lost cash with DH. DH its listed on the alert list of the securities and futures commission honking a .AFC.hobnailed listed.HTML. apex equities isn't listed there perhaps simply because they are new. their homepages look pretty considerably equally. especially no legal tips on any of them. maybe the same people behind both companies does anybody understand anything or has anybody made any experiences with apex equities


    By Makeeva Charles 18 May 2016



    By Judith Brentano 18 Jun 2016

    hi. i got a call from this amount today afternoon. does anyone understand who this is


    By Pina Mendez 21 Jun 2016

    they simply called me. did not leave any voice message.


    By Crystal Warms 06 Jun 2016

    calls all the time.


    By Paul Dobkins 22 Apr 2016

    this call was made from someone claiming they were poi recovery agents really noisy line after i made three requests as to how they obtained my cellular telephone number two distinct methods were given by the caller i still told him i couldn't here him he managed to turn the sound down peculiar i believed. two days earlier this this the same number called me affecting an accident assert that i had made the week before i ha vent made any accident claims since . i terminated both calls when they began to ask me for personal details. i never got the opportunity to inquire the company name.


    By Andronica Leyvas 05 Jul 2016

    got text from this number saying who is this


    By Brennan Ward 20 Apr 2016

    call no message


    By Joel Jasmin 19 Mar 2016

    watch out for a call from the bank of Scotland he is Pakistani tel amount he wants you to place your computer on as there is a trouble.. tell him your p.c is off dint let him understand. its a ploy to get control of it. simply been on the fine to bods Min's past their amount is good chance re post if you know some one from the bank of Scotland

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