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By Edna Arubin 28 Jun 2016

I have had two texts from this amount today asking me questions about my recent order and my bill. it claims to be from BTU. i left them last year so just ignored it.

By Edward Medvitz 29 Jan 2016

Didn't answer.

By Richard Donald jr 20 Jan 2016

Need to locate out who it's.

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    By Yorlanda Golden 03 Jul 2016

    a .com telephone number..com telephone number.ASPCA a auto rick set prestige KIA rt is were Jim gill on will be found


    By Diane Garlinger 29 Jun 2016

    got a phone call from this amount. the caller left no voice message.


    By jana papazian 28 Mar 2016

    does anybody knows from where this telephone amount comes


    By Anthony Alioto 07 May 2016

    making missed calibre .. i need Persian detail


    By Daniel Collado 06 Jul 2016



    By Angelina Blevins 23 Jan 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Jodi Epperson 07 Jul 2016

    i wonder if anyone at all can offer me any info on this.. twice within the last week the number has named my house. not but literally i added the extra numbers so i could kind this query.BR i simply missed the first call and received a really brief quiet express email and the second time i managed to get it but with no response... is this peculiar or what might my TELNETs be causing this due to some specialized fault


    By michele heimerdinger 22 Apr 2016

    call me urgently


    By Meredith Valentine 04 Jan 2016

    i replied it it was a man that sounded like he was within a call middle and was of foreign ethnicity he inquired me to take him away and when i told him i was Calhoun and not aloud passengers he said he would call me back.


    By Bryan Azar 10 Jul 2016

    I've just had this call too. once they said ministry of justice within centre of London i inquired them to wait while i called my local mp who is a minister at m o j. he attempted to mock me but as i was Vic of our MIPS constituency party i did have his amount so i named it on my cellular telephone and held it to the main phone. as soon as my cellular telephone was replied m o j the caller rang off immediately.

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