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By Charlie Lampron 17 May 2016

Got calls this morning . said their client the bank Gere my checking account is deposited nearly . into my account subsequently i closed the account. why would i close my just checking account account when i have bills to pay this doesn't create sense. afterward they needed me to pay back the cash this is my tax refund. exactly why would i pay back money that's owed to me that doesn't create sense either. i believe its a scam. please dint give out any info to anyone especially if you dint understand them or begin the call. thank you. whose can i fond out who this is if anyone knows.

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    By Brett Jarboe 24 Apr 2016

    asking around a home security system. scam


    By Lia Ditter 09 Jul 2016

    unexpected post. poster spells their own name two different methods. Marin Marin


    By Marianne Rogers 24 Apr 2016

    keep calling


    By Mirtha Anderson 17 Apr 2016

    getting plagued with calls from this amount. left a powerful message on their reply phone to quit calling but obviously this didn't work.


    By Larry O'sullivan 06 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By E Geurin 10 Jul 2016

    koala bu to..Cm power Sgt KO Ni..Bambi


    By Karen Clune 10 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By Jamie Middlebrook 03 Mar 2016

    a consumer research business trying to get you to concur to a call from choice insurance. annoying


    By M Letts 20 Apr 2016

    i missed a call from this no yesterday evening at .pm.BR anyone understand who it is


    By Erika Broom 02 Feb 2016

    keeps calling. who could it be

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