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By Charlie Lampron 17 May 2016

Got calls this morning . said their client the bank Gere my checking account is deposited nearly . into my account subsequently i closed the account. why would i close my just checking account account when i have bills to pay this doesn't create sense. afterward they needed me to pay back the cash this is my tax refund. exactly why would i pay back money that's owed to me that doesn't create sense either. i believe its a scam. please dint give out any info to anyone especially if you dint understand them or begin the call. thank you. whose can i fond out who this is if anyone knows.

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    By John Jakubovich 26 Jun 2016

    did precise same as u all busting with pride it was my brother who pointed this outside to me and yep i feel foolish now although i didn't component with any cash but was about too.sounds enjoy they give the same patter to everyone.even told me it was government approved.will b ringing them asap to politely tell them where to stick it.please be attention total.they would make it simple for you to believe


    By ERNEST MONTONE 20 Mar 2016

    merely vague


    By Orie Mcbratney 31 Mar 2016

    unknown amount.


    By Joshua Schwager 05 May 2016

    missed call from this number


    By nate jastram 04 Jun 2016

    only had the self same call from this amount. its windows support not Microsoft i was informed when i told her Microsoft never cold call users. she was very insistent but eventually hung upwards when i said i only had an apple. its amazing that these outfits dint get shut down when there is so much evidence on their activities on sites like this.


    By Joshua Folman 10 Jan 2016

    repeated calls


    By Andrew Dreimiller 30 Apr 2016

    solar panel doors and windows


    By Sarah Schout 21 Jun 2016

    no message merely hangup.


    By Jeannie Sumners 13 Apr 2016

    picked upward telephone and there was silence on the other finish.


    By Samuel Zuvekas 18 May 2016

    any idea who could call from this telephone number.

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