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By Kebulon Young 06 Jun 2016

Quiet call

By Kimberly Owens 22 Feb 2016


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    By Barbara Ray 23 Mar 2016

    did not response did not leave a message.


    By patty lauer 14 Apr 2016

    i lost cont ct with name and address


    By Marcus Tibbe 10 Jun 2016

    these are a debt collection agency who call anyone with the same name as they have on their paperwork. i warned a coworker about this a few weeks past because her husband kept becoming calls but was sure he did not owe any money. when my coworker took my advice and questioned them it turns out they had the wrong man. they have tried this with my son and i have simply this minute had another call from them so i told them i will report them for harassment if they call my amount again i usually swear at them but could not be bothered to can that now.


    By Donny George 07 Jul 2016

    received a call from this amount on Fri may and i think he said his name was christian DE Sousa or similar. he said he was calling from the injury advice centre within Manchester and that he could get me compensation. when i began questioning him he became really irate. if you attempt calling the above number there is a recording saying welcome to the injury guidance centre and subsequently music. obviously a scam.


    By Jd Mast 04 Jul 2016

    same here on the rd of Feb except they did leave a message on my voice mail. I have never set my voice email upward simply because i never use it i simply call the caller back. unusual thing is when calling back the number it comes back as not recognized.


    By Geanna Traylor 22 Jun 2016

    named by this amount at am in the morning BR BR i have no idea what it is or why


    By Young Shellie 01 May 2016

    i was striving to locate out who keeps calling me amp on reading another website someone stated it's a debt collection agency but exactly why they would be calling me i have no notion alt ho the authorities have said there is a scam occurring within that region relating to debt group. interesting i have lately given my details to scoot involving free promotion amp when look king up the full number i could not find a company with that number


    By J ay Walsh 22 Feb 2016

    stop calling


    By Devlin Joanna 12 Jul 2016

    anybody becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Kris Montford 17 Jan 2016

    called and hung upwards without a word.

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