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By Joseph Olson 03 Mar 2016

This number keeps calling when i response the caller hangs up.

By Sonoria Mosley 02 Feb 2016

Just received call to house phone. hung upwards on me when i said hello. so i dial led to detect the callers number. would not decide upward telephone. why

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    By mary horstmann 26 Apr 2016

    PS. dint ring the amount back at p a minute ring its their land line number which is cheaper and if you have a telephone package enjoy we can it ll be free. if this company is really making prank calls to get you to ring back on their number so they will create a couple of bucks this manner at least that trick wont work.


    By Baumgart Kathy 04 Apr 2016

    dint desire to purchase any chickens


    By Jesse Keyser 10 Jun 2016

    pleasant small earner for sky who like other companies with monopoly power will manipulate a lack of tips and marketplace knowledge by consumers to their own edge. forums like this help to move the balance of power toward the consumer.


    By Keri Bartolazzi 02 Jul 2016

    i have been becoming calls from this amount.


    By Pittman Ware 09 Jul 2016

    came through as a caller using a whats program id i dint reply any unknown calls so my figure is they're attempting whatsoever apps in an try to pester amount now blocked.


    By G Edmund 18 Jun 2016

    missed the call


    By Frances Stokinger 31 May 2016

    repeated calls


    By Delilah Johnson 06 Jun 2016

    got a call


    By Philip Laramie 21 May 2016



    By Rodona Soles 28 Mar 2016

    yes called me today also i implemented for auto finance at another business and theory car finance called me and tricked me into presuming it was the initial firm i employed at just to find outside they had nothing to can with them..

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