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By Ken Kittleson 25 Apr 2016

No voice message

By Xuefeng Pei 19 Feb 2016

Who is this

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    By Margueritte Hawken 25 Apr 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Penella Davis 30 May 2016

    this sequence of seemingly central London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com can do about it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. just ignore. or better still response amp enjoy winding up Natasha or whatever else false name shes using


    By Glenn Fulford 19 Jun 2016

    calls all the time. doesn't leave any message.


    By Benjamin Salinas 07 Jul 2016

    no message left.


    By Jason Goreczny 29 Mar 2016



    By Erika Ludwig 30 May 2016

    i dint know this number


    By La Agnew 04 Jul 2016

    simply wondering who is calling


    By Lee Jancula 20 Jun 2016

    business unknown. caller addressed me by an incorrect name. did not say who she was calling from. inquired for personal tips.


    By Julia a Lutz 19 Apr 2016

    life insurance cold calling company


    By Nora Tejada 29 May 2016

    amusing how i seem to have clocked upwards the exact same amount in my poi around payments i had this call around a month past and told them in no doubtful terms that i was not positive by there story i reported it to consumer direct who confirmed this was a scam i would urge you to call them to report it as well as they have to get a picture of how many folks they're attempting to scam before activity may be taken. what has now shocked me even more is that they have simply called me back only now claiming to be from the ministry of justice concerning my claim and confirmed all the details i was given previously. i am SO mad have named CD again and am around to report it to the claims direction regulation authority.

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