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By jason spaulding 18 Mar 2016

No voice mail was left.

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    By Cathy Combs 22 Feb 2016

    joist oik gabled door Zion bummer. was op MN horde en Seljuk DE telephone socialize.


    By Tommie lee White 13 Feb 2016

    got called on my cell telephone on merely before am. a man with an India accent told me that the government of finance desired to give me some money. i cut him away and inquired him how he got my number. he paused for a instant didn't reply my question afterward began on his spiel again. i cut him away and told him in a stern express take me off your call list and dint ever call my amount again great bye afterward i hung up.


    By Tamara Markwick 26 May 2016

    received a call from this number. answered and they hung upwards.


    By Susann Brieske 04 Jul 2016

    fed upwards with cold callers they should be fined


    By John Soubik 05 May 2016

    from medical office


    By Steven Warta 09 Jul 2016

    found the amount on my caller id.


    By britt guillot 11 Jun 2016

    my elderly and sometimes confused brother within law was cold named by an agent from Serra well being ltd. who persuaded him his arthritis would benefit from their herbal remedies. he does not have arthritis but is on a variety of medication for other conditions. i was concerned that mixing medicine might be detrimental although that was the least of my concerns.BR on Friday . went from his bank account and a couple of little bottles of tablets arrived.BR i phoned the company to assess that the goods could be return for a refund as per their refund policy. the manager insisted on calling my brother within law and cleverly persuaded him that as he had ordered the tablets he would be better keeping them for the month trial. yet by launch the bottles the refund would be negated i eventually succeeded within extracting an arrangement with the manager that the tablets could be returned for a refund. i wait to see.


    By Traci Barrington 21 Jan 2016

    will you give me a ring


    By Tamara Parram 28 May 2016

    allowing to of com records this group of numbers has not been released for use. fake.


    By Sam Curley 25 Jun 2016

    desired to know who owns this telephone amount.

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